9 Great Tips to have more Fun at the Universal Studios Singapore

Universal studios is Singapore’s latest and biggest addition in a long row of entertainment and fun places. Visitors get baffled in Universal Studios because there is so much to see and experience. Most of the time people wont be able to enjoy the place fully because they haven’t planned their visit properly. Before visiting you should plan your trip and I am here to help you optimally do exactly that.

1. Skip the Cue – Buy Tickets Online

You can’t just step into universal studios and hope to enjoy. Well you can, but you will have to get a ticket first :)
So, to avoid long waiting hours (which can be expected) buy admission tickets online in advance. This should be available as soon as the Universal Studios in Singapore finally open, planned for the 1st Quarter of 2010.

2. Plan your Day ahead!

Take a look at the available online maps of Universal Studios Singapore and the plan your entire schedule in the park right from the arrival to the dinner. It should not be too stressful and must include some rest too because it can be so difficult to enjoy the whole day. And this way you can be sure not to miss out anything!

3. You are not going to a Photo Shooting

Dress accordingly. You are visiting an amusement park, with roller coasters and other wild stuff to do, most probably you will get wet at one of the water-rides, so wear comfortable clothing and i possible bring at least a set of spare Tshirt and shorts).

And maybe try not to turn up in Crocs either, just for the sake of good looking :)

4. Set Up a "Lost Spot"

Immediately when you enter, set up a lost spot. This way if someone gets lost, they can get together at that spot and then make sure everybody understands that once you get seperated, you do not start searching for each other, but walk straight back to the agreed spot! Most of the parks offer a map which has detailed info about the attractions in the park.
I would suggest a certain shop or restaurant at the entry of the park.

5. Don’t turn up with a heavy belly!

Don’t eat too much before coming down to Universal Studios Singapore. Of course dont turn up with an empty stomache but remember that there are many wild rides, and you dont want your stomache upside down, literally, right?

6. Stay safe and follow the rules!

Most of the rides have age limits. Don’t allow children in to over age rides as that might be dangerous for them. Dont walk in the middle of the walkways, you may annoy other people, turn stand on the right side of the escalator, dont burp in other people ears and dont chop seats in the rides with your tissue paper!

7. Grant yourself some rest, there’s enough time!

To increase the fun quotient, take some rest between the rides. Taking rides nonstop can leave you tired and exhausted, most important, drink enough and take care of the strong sun in Singapore. Even though a tan might look nice I recommend you to stay safe in the shadows!

8. Dont get stuck in the traffic, after so much fun

When the day comes to an end, you should plan to leave early before the park closes. It’s not a secret that the Universal Studios Singapore are located on a small island with just that much street to enter and exit. So either come by public transport (my recommendation) or start your own engines early enough!

9. The fun doesnt stop when the park is closed

Also, you can stay at any of the fine hotels inside the universal Studios such as Crockfords tower, Festive Hotel and Hard Rock Hotel. This way you’ll be refreshed for another great day at universal Studios or just a lazy hangout at Sentosa’s (not so nice) beaches.

One Universal Studios visit is enough to leave you wanting for more. The place has something for everyone and you need to plan your visit so that you can see all the attractions. Planning is extremely helpful if you have children with you. That way you can be sure that everyone has a great time in Universal Studios Singapore!




Lol. This is so funny “dont chop seats in the rides with your tissue paper!”
Classic one

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