Something Unbelievable Happened Today – Must Read!

Everything is possible. And if you think you have reached your goals, you haven’t set them high enough.
Those were my words the day i decided to join the Asian blogging scene and lift to the top position of independent, informative and news orientated Singapore blogs.
Only half a year later I reached more then I ever dreamed of.

1. On The Frontpage Of On

Whoever reads the Times Magazine’s online version today, will find featured on the Front Page under the Travel section as the “Bloggers Guide For Asia/Singapore”.

Yes correct, The Times Magazine Front Page. Wow. Not will this help to show thousands of people what a great place Singapore is, it will also raise awareness towards my blog, on a great level.

The article itself is three pages long and features a summary about myself, and some of the best tips about Singapore, as I described them in this blog before.

2. Over 100.000 (Unique) Visitors In Less Then 6 Month Statistics

I was happy with 100 visitors per day at the start, today my heart drops when I have less then 500 readers a day.
Its not only a great reward to see how people enjoy the articles, information and writings on, it also allows me to operate and address issues or important things on a whole new level. Being sure of a thousand readers a day, writing bad or good about a topic / restaurant or other local happening can cause a storm.
With great power comes great responsibility!

3. Winner Of Asia Travel Blogging Awards

Two weeks ago the race and voting was finally over and I could finally lay back in my office chair. I had won the Asian Category on the World Wide Travel Blogging Awards. This already after 6 month of writing the blog was an achievement I had only dreamed of in the beginning.

But hold on, the important part only just started! Now its up to win the Global Competition of the six regional winners “blogging it out” against each other!(UPDATE: I won :)

Thanks everyone to make to what it is today!


Your AngryAngMo


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Congratulations!! You have done a great job with your blog in such a short time and definitely deserve the award. I will be voting for you in the World Wide Travel Blogging Award :)

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