Top 10 Singapore Google Street View Sightings

If you haven’t heard about Singapore’s new Google Street View feature until now, here is everything you need to know plus the 10 best and funniest sightings so far. If you have found something great on Google’s Street View in Singapore post the link in the comments and we will add it to the list below with the mentioning of your name!

Top 10 Sightings In Singapore Street View

Please help to build the best and biggest collection of great / funny Singapore Google Street View Findings and send us your link / sighting or post it in the comments below!

1. Google Is Breaking The Law

Google Street View Link – Someone is ignoring the “No Pictures Allowed” signs.

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2. Singapore Under Attack (Again!)

Google Street View Link – Seems like the tanks are rolling over Singapore again! Whatch out!

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3. Half Naked Washing Outisde

Google Street View Link – We all need to be fresh and clean, so why not taking a shower outside on the street.. just try to avoid being photographed by the passing Google Car!

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4. Having 6 Ferrari’s In My Garage

Google Street View Link – Whos the man? I don’t know who lives here but the house is amazing…and whats inside the garage even more!

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5. Is She Or Is She Not?

Google Street View Link – We are in… Geylang, Lorong 15, having a hot afternoon, is she cooling down in the shadow or just waiting for someone to pick her up?

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6. Shooting A Movie In Singapore

Google Street View Link – Shooting a movie in Singapore China Town

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7. Police In Geylang

Google Street View Link – What are they doing here??? Oh, patrolling of course! What did you think?

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8. The Wackiest Car / Tour In Singapore

Google Street View Link – Look at that, its Ducktours cruising to the beach.. Lets take a closer look whos sitting inside.. ah, as expected!

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9. What’s On The Other Side? JB!

Google Street View Link – Probably the best glimpse towards Malaysia / JB you will get from any Google Street View point…looks so normal.

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10. Its The Google Street Car Itself!

Google Street View Link – Google’s own street car photographed in Singapore!Looks spacey!

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Bonus: Censored Singapore – Lee Kuan Yew’s Home

Google Street View Link – Dont go where you cant go. Oxley Road, most famous for housing Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew is completely censored in Google Street View.

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Ah cool Mr “Not So AngryAngMo”…wonder where he made his millions with?


I’ve been having a lot of fun with street view Singapore. I’ve been using it to put together a tour of Singapore for my friends back in Australia. I’ve also used it to prove to them that there is such a thing as a farm in Singapore.

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