5 Great new Restaurants at Resort World Sentosa

The Resorts World Sentosa offers a treat to food lovers. Although the place only opened a couple of weeks back, it is already buzzing with world class restaurants offering local and international delicacies. Since Resorts World is a prime location, renowned chefs have set up their base here. The restaurants are always busy with activity and are destined to do great business even in such turbulent economic times.

1. Starz Restaurant (Hard Rock Hotel)

Located inside the Hard Rock Hotel, this place is stylish and modern. The restaurant’s architecture blends with the contemporary style of Hard Rock Hotel and also has an Al Fresco dining area which overlooks the Rock Pool. Starz takes you to a cross-ethnic voyage of culinary world with diverse flavors of European, Moroccan and Middle Eastern cuisine.

The renowned chef Kok Kiong has years of experience of blending flavors and comprehensive cooking methods. The buffet style dining adds to the appeal of this new restaurant.

2. The Dining Room (Crockford Tower Hotel)

This place is located in The Crockfords Tower Hotel and is famous for Cantonese food. The menu consists of double-boiled soups, fried rice, dim-sum and beef brisket noodles. Besides these, the restaurant also boasts of other popular Chinese delicacies and stresses on using only the freshest quality ingredients.
On top of it, visitors can sip and indulge in the most extensive selection of exclusive premium Chinese teas. The wine and whisky list consists of famous names like Shao Xing Jiu and Mou Tai.

3. Palio (Hotel Michael)

This restaurant showcases authentic Italian cuisine with a mouthwatering variety of traditional recipes. The menu has exceptional seasonal features from Italy and guests enjoy a truly gastronomic encounter. The kitchen is based on an open-concept and this coupled with the waterfront view make guests go wow.
The affable Italian culture, aesthetic interiors and the warm service makes this restaurant a must visit for those who like the Tuscan flavors.

4. Kunio (Crockford Tower Hotel)

The very first Japanese restaurant of four Michelin-star chef Kunio Tokuoka will launch soon inside the Crockford Tower Hotel. Kunio will be one of the future prime Japanese food lover centrals and chef-owner Kyoto Kitcho Arashiyama and Hana Kitcho Kyoto from Japan will showcase the traditional haute Kaiseki cuisine to the world.

5. Fiesta (Festive Hotel)

The place is dream come true for those who seek Latin American cuisine in Singapore. The restaurant offers the best selection of seafood and grilled meats.
They also have a fine selection of soups, hot dishes, salads, grills and desserts. That’s only to satiate a meat lover’s taste buds. For visual appeal, the bright colors and the vibrant furniture make a great combination. The colors are reminiscent of the Latin American culture.

Beginning 2010, these restaurants are going to redefine eating-out in Singapore. If you visit Resorts world Singapore, do add these restaurants to your visit.




non adam i didnt, i figured many people are interested in the Resort World right now, so this would be a good start for quite some articles that ive written already… dont worry man, if i write a paid article its clearly marked and pointed out to my readers!


No worries. I’d love to try Kunio, though reckon that would burn a pretty big hole in my tiny pocket.

Star struck

I’ve heard of 3-star Michelin but a 4-star?
Should make him a general.

Muhd Nazri

I’m trying to plan a special birthday lunch for my wife. Any halal restaurants to recommend??

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