The 5 Most Easy And Cheapest Ways To Get From Singapore To Tioman

I was screaming and shouting but the ferry departed just in front of my nose.

Being able to spend a relaxing weekend on a secluded and wonderful island at the East Coast of Malaysia, is one of the points that I would mention when being asked why I don’t want to go back to Europe.

Getting to that island in the first place however would be not on this list of plus points.

By now I traveled five times to Tioman (the above mentioned island) already, and I made all kind of experiences along the way. First a lot of bad ones, now more and more good ones.

And to guarantee that your weekend trip is perfect (yes, “weekend” implies timely limited unfortunately) I list you the best ways of getting over, tested by me personally below. Have a safe and good trip!

Part 1: How To Get From Singapore To Mersing

Your trip to Tioman comes in two parts (except if you fly).

First you have to get to Mersing, which is the little city on the East Coast of Malaysia where the ferry port is situated that will send you off to Tioman.

Then you have to transfer from Mersing to Tioman. This happens via ferry, and is the more easy part.

1. Book A Direct Coach Transfer From Singapore To Mersing

  • Convenience:
  • Costs:
    Medium (approx 30 SD pp)

There are several travel companies that offer daily coach transfer to Tioman. Most of them depart at the Golden Mile Complex near Lavender MRT. Easiest way is to book via a travel agent so you have a fixed time and price.

Most of the buses depart early in the morning (between 5AM and 6AM) so you will be able to catch the early ferry from Mersing to Tioman (usually between 9 and 10AM).

Here are some of the most reliable Bus companies:
– 5 Star Buses
– Transnational
– Konsortium

2. Book A Direct Private Cab From Singapore To Mersing

  • Convenience:
    Very Relaxed
  • Costs:
    More Expensive (approx 65 SD pp with two people)

There are several cab operators that offer to pick you up from your home (either normal cab, minivan or bus, depending on your travel group size) and bring you either directly to Mersing or transfer you to an already waiting other cab in Malaysia that will take you to Mersing then.

The prize for a normal cab (4 persons) is at the moment approx 130 SD from door to door. Thats 32.50 SD per person, which can still be considered good. Write me a simple email if you need some very reliable contacts (operating since 15 years and that I personally use every time as well).

3. Go To Johor Bahru First And Get A Cab There

  • Convenience:
  • Costs:
    Cheap (approx 30 SD pp with two people)

If you have time and you are spontaneous, you can go to Johor Bahru first, which is the first city after the Singapore – Malaysia border. Cabs going to Mersing operate from the Larkin Bus terminal in JB.

To get to Johor Bahru you need to get to the “Woodlands Checkpoint” in Singapore first which is the border to Malaysia.

How To Get To JB:.

  • Bus No. 170
    Departing from either Queen Street Bus Station or the bus-stop along Rochor Canal Road (just after Sim Lim Square) and runs from 5.20 a.m. to 12.10 a.m. everyday.

    The bus will stop at the Singapore checkpoint but will not wait for you whilst you clear immigration, so take all your belongings with you. Keep your bus ticket and hop on the next Bus No. 170 which comes along. You don’t have to pay again.

  • Singapore-Johor Express Coach
    ADeparting from Queen Street Bus Station to Larkin Bus Terminal in J.B. The ticket costs S$2.40.The Singapore-Johor Express Coach runs from 6.30 a.m. to 11.00 p.m. at 15-minute intervals.

    The Singapore-Johor Express Coach travels more quickly than Bus No. 170, which makes many stops along the way to J.B. However, there is no luggage space on the coach, so you’ll be asked to buy a second ticket (S$2.40) for your pack!

    Just like Bus No. 170, the express coach will not wait for you at the checkpoints. You’ll have to take all your belongings with you, keep your coach ticket and hop on the next one which comes along. You don’t have to pay again.

    The bus will stop again at the Malaysian checkpoint, which is at the other end of the Causeway linking Singapore and Malaysia. You will have to get off to clear immigration. Once more, the bus will not stop for you to clear immigration, so keep your bus ticket if you intend to catch the next bus.

Once you have reached the Larkin Bus terminal in JB, just look out for the blue cabs that will bring you to Mersing. The current prize is approx 80 to 100 Malaysian Ringit.

4. Go To Johor Bahru First And Get A Bus There

  • Convenience:
  • Costs:
    Cheapest (approx 20 SD pp)

Follow the above instructions and transfer to the Larkin bus terminal in JB first.

Now instead of taking a cab you can go for the cheaper option of booking a bus ticket to Mersing. There will be plenty of counters and agents walking around asking you where you want to go to.

Its definitely the cheapest way of getting to Mersing, but you might have to wait until a bus departs.

5. Fly To Tioman

  • Convenience:
    Most Relaxed
  • Costs:
    Most Expensive (approx 270 SD pp)

There is indeed one operator that offers direct flights from Singapore to Tioman and back.

The planes leave three times a day at 12 Noon, 1.25PM and 3.05PM. You can make reservations online here. The average return ticket per person is 270 SD.

Part 2: How To Get From Mersing To Tioman

Easy answer. There is only one way. A ferry.

Tioman JettyPhoto by Nimbu

Once you arrive at the Mersing Ferry Port don’t get run over by one of the many travel “agents” approaching you for tickets.

Also, take care that your cab/bus driver is not dropping you of at a travel agent (his partner) telling you that you must buy your tickets / book your hotel in Tioman there. You don’t.

How To Get Your Ferry Tickets

  • – Get your ferry tickets, the operator is “Blue Water Express“, from their little sales counter just in front of the main waiting hall (left side).

    The ferry schedule will be written down on a board and there are usually at least one leaving in the morning and one in the afternoon.

  • – One way ticket is 35 Malaysian Ringit, Return is 70 Malaysian Ringit.

    Ask for an “open” return ticket, which means you can hop on every boat you want on your way back from Tioman to Mersing. It wont cost you more and is much more convenient.

  • – The ferry schedule are depending on the current low-high tide timings but the first ferry usually departs before or around 10AM.
  • – If you want to be really sure that you get your seat and you wont have to wait 2 hours for the next ferry, I can again recommend you a very reliable (and personally used) travel agent, that has his office directly at the ferry port, in easy walking reach to pickup your tickets once you arrive. Just drop me an email and I send you his contacts.

How To Get Back To Singapore

To be safe you can arrange a pickup with your personal cab/bus driver already on your way to Tioman.

Otherwise you book your bus return ticket directly when booking the bus travel to Tioman, or you book your bus ticket when arriving at Mersing and waiting for your ferry over. (this is what I usually do)

You can also just come back from Tioman to Mersing and take one of the many waiting cabs (but more expensive then to Mersing) or try to hop on and find a free seat on one of the many departing buses.

In general i made the experience that there is “always” a way back, and this part of the travel is much easier then the way to Tioman.

If you have made any experiences with buses or ferries, timings, schedule or missed transport, please let everyone know and post it in the comments below!




there are packages from the travel companies… it alot simpler as they include the accomodation to the land and sea transfers. might come up to maybe 50 bucks more in total, but definitely relaxed.

after all, you’re on a holiday right?


Good post ..I have not been there yet. But would like to someday! ..Could you share some more information about the Accommodations types and what would be total trip cost in a relaxed way!



Thanks a lot for this post. It helped our group plan the journey to Tioman. We are on a tight budget and this helps!

natalia baloghova

fantastic, please email me how can I contact this person to get all the tickets my self in orderto get to Tioman or I just go to travel agent \\

Thanks natalia


Hi, jus want to get the contact for cab driver straight from singapore into mersing? Any idea how long is the travel time by cab? Also would it be cheaper than $32.50 per pax if there are 4 people and if we book him for a round trip? Thanks.


great effort, thx. Can you share the contact to book ferry tickets from mersing to tioman.


We are going to Mersing from Singapore at the end of July 2009, but we have to be at Tioman the same day we are living from Singapore.My question is how to book 2 seats in a ferry in advance because we live in Paris an have only the telephone number of ferries companies.



Very interesting your tips about going to Tioman! I’m thinking in going to Mersing from Singapore by car (a rented one). Is there any park (not so expensive) where we can leave safely our car? Do you know how much it would cost? Could you send me the contact to book the ferry tickets from mersing to tioman?
Thanks a lot!

Lea Bridges

Can you please give me the contact info for your “Agent” at Mersing jetty? I am planning a trip to Tioman but would feel much better if I knew I had a confirmed spot on a ferry! Thanks!


Hi, i’m planning a trip to tioman this weekend… could you pass me the contact of the travel agency in mersing, cause i would prefer to get a confirmed seat on the early ferry out to tioman. thanks a lot!!!

Judy Morgan

I am planning a trip for my sister to Tioman and I would like to get the contact number for the taxis from Singapore to Mersing so I can prearrange. Many thanks. I found this site today and think it is brilliant.

Judy Morgan

Also, can you tell me approximately how long it takes to go by taxi. Kind regards.


Awesome this site!!!
I plan a trip to tioman in september. Can you send me the contact details of the agent at mersing for the ferry.

Thanks !!! :-)


Thanks for the tips! I’m planning to go to Tioman in Aug. Can you send me the contact of the ferry ticket agent?


i’m goin tioman do u mind givin the boat n cabs frm larkin contacts? & as compare to gettin packages frm tour agency tat has coach,hotel n meals provided,how r ur opinions on gettin all these ourselves? The snorkelin session is like only half an hr so little =(
is it exp to snorkel thr extra ourselves?

Simon Stefanski

Great blog! Me and my friends plan to go to Tioman before the semester at SMU starts, so we would be grateful if you send us the contact to that agent you mention in the article! :)


Thanks for all the info. Thinking of getting a private van for Singapore to Mersing, but not sure how to go about doing this. Also I would love to get the contact information for your agent in Mersing. Any help greatly appreciated- thanks again!!

Terese Wiis

Thanks for the tip’s(-:
We are planning a trip from Singapore to Tioman in the long weekend here in Sep. We will take a taxi, is it possible I could get your contact? Is the price the same as if you just hire one “from the street”? And how long will it take (incl. crossing the border). And also, could I get the contacts to the travel agent in Mercing? Really appreciate it, thank you so much!


just found your website and found it useful. Especially the section on private cabs. Can you send me those contacts? I wanna leave for Mersing tomorrow (if possible…). Thanks, Agnes


Great job! May I have travel agent contact no,I w like to book a all-in-one package from them?

Venus Tan

Could u kindly email me the contact for the cab operator either from SG or JB to Mersing?
We intend to to this sat (Sept 19). Thanks!
Warm regards,


Hi there i am planning to go to Tioman this weekend. But the hotel agent is charging 100 sing dollars a pserson to get from mersing to tioman, i feel that its ridiculous. i was wondering if u still have contacts for the” VERY RELIABLE TRAVEL AGENT” that i can collect my tickets when i reach mersing? thank you.



great blog – thanks
looking to get a cab [14th Nov 2009] from Singapore to mersing enroute to tioman
Can you email those cab numbers/email addresses
Also do you know if the ferry goes to juara beach – so you don’t haver to travel overland from tekek


FYI- The official blue-taxi rate from Larkin St. to Mersing is now RM 160. Several of the bus companies listed (5 Star and Konsorium) don’t appear to head to Mersing anymore?


Hi thank you for the information. it solve some of the question mark in my mind.i am travelling to tioman coming thursday , could you send me the details for the cab from sing to mersling as well the travel agent in mersing?


Hi, thanks for the useful information, my family will plan to have holiday in Toiman, would you please send me the very reliable contacts of the cab that you mentioned which will bring you from Singapore to Mersing? And also the contact of the agent in Mersing. thanks a lot.


As u’ve been to tioman lots of time…. which mid-range resort with chalets juz nex to the beach would u recommend?
Is Salang Indah resort a great place to stay?

Jonathan Tan

Great job! May I have travel agent contact no,I w like to book a all-in-one package from them?
Thanks a lot.


Well done! I have been to Tioman once, soon going again!! Its a nice place, worth visiting. Really going by bus is best, easiest and cheapest!


Can you please let me know cab drivers who can take me from singapore to mersing? Thank you!!


Hi! Thanks for such a useful website… I recommend ur web to lots of friend… Anyway, I’m thinking to take several day off just to gateway with my bf tmrw… initially, we’re thinking go to Bintan… but, i saw ur web several interesting places like P. Rawa, P. Tioman, and P. Perhentian… Which one u recommend? Since my bf and i didn’t planned this holiday before, we limit my budget to around $600… which places suitable with my budget? thanks before! =)


Maybe you can contact Malaysia private cab to fetch from SPG direct to Mersing. His number is +60167726665 or +6591663897 . You can travel with comfort and less hassle to transfer from taxi to taxi. Thanks.


would appreciate your contact for ferry tickets (mobile contact). Is there a really safe place to park car if I were to drive there ? I going there in 2 days time. Thanks


Your blog is very useful especially for 1st time traveller like me. Will you be able to mail me the contact number of the Minivan company. I will be departing from S’pore on 28May. Thanks!!


I’m going to Tioman in 2 weeks. I would be very glad to get names of potential reliable cab drivers to go from Singapore to Tioman and as well a phone number to book tickets for the ferry.. Could you give me some more information about it? Thanks a lot!



Great post, wonderful job. Can you also share your views on Accommodation near to beach and types of water sports and site scenes (island hopping etc.)

Please suggest some good resort or 2-3 star hotels which is as per you can be good for stay.


Hi, Great info!
We would like to hire a private cab – could you send me the details of the very reliable contacts?
And also the contact of the agent in Mersing.
Can you recommend a place to stay? Have looked at the Berjaya Tioman resort online. Thanks!


Could you send me the contact no. for the private cab and the travel agent that you use.
Many thanks =)


HI, tnx for all d helpful info, could u pls mail me the contact num of the travel agent that u used to book the ferry from mersing to tioman? Tnx Ya, really appreciate it if u cld mail me asap… tnx again


Errrrrmmm……………………How about a direct coach to Tioman !!!! Much easier, right????


Can you please suggest some nice hotels also. will be thankful.
Very nice website thanks for all the info


We will be taking a taxi to Mersing. Please can you send me details of your taxi contacts and travel agent for the boat at Mersing.


Hi, I want to go with 8 other friends from Singapore to Mersing (Tioman) this weekend. Do you have any phone numbers from taxidrivers which have a minibus for 9 people? We are all students so not too expensive would be great!



Hi there,

We going to Tioman over the NDP weekend (9-11.8.10). Can you please email me contact numbers for a taxi?



tried your “just send me an email” link to get the contact for a reliable taxi from Singapore to Mersing but it didn’t work. Would be happy if you could send me the details.
thanks a lot


Can you tell me the agent name and numbers who can book us the ferry tickets and even the cab from Singapore to Mersing?
Thank you very much

pranav chandorkar

Cindy lim

Jul 14, 2010 at 2:28 pm
Hi, I want to go with 8 other friends from Singapore to Mersing (Tioman) this weekend 1 oct .Do you have any phone numbers from taxidrivers which have a minibus for 9 people?


Hallo. Very good. Do you have the number for taking a cab from Singapore to Mersing? And also the ferry? I am going in January. Will it be difficult to get ticket then? Do we need to book severel days before? Is it possible to sit outside on the ferry? Thanks


If you’re looking to book ferries, guess it’s best to call Bluewater Express directly –
+60 77998518. You’re sure they’d be accurate with their boat departure times. Cheers!
p.s. And oh yes, they take a while to pick their calls. Trust you try getting through a couple of times.

michal kriukow

Hey! I was wandering if you could recommend a taxi service singapure-mersing… The only one I found charges 320 sd for round trip


i m interested to know about sin-mersing private cab u were telling about.send more info please


Did anyone have any luck trying to get a cheaper taxi to Mersing from Singapore? If so plz let me know as need one for next wkd!


I am going to tioman with family. Could you please give the phone number for the taxi from singapore to Mersing and also the agent in Mersing.



Hi I have a group of 14 people going to Tioman in late September. Do you have any contact for minibus that can take us to Mersing and back after four days? Thanks in advance



Could you please send me the details of the agent you used to book the bus and ferry.

Greatly appreciated!


Hi, just wondering whether you could share some of those taxi operator phone No.s you used in the past?



Hello all,
Just reading your posts, very interesting!
Could you share your contacts for cab/taxi/cars from Singapore to Mersing?
We are landing in Singapore on Thursday 10pm and wondering whether we can get a night cab to go to Mersing enabling us taking the first ferry to Tioman?

Thanks for your tips,


Hi I would like to have your recommendation/contact for the private cab from singapore to mersing malaysia. thank you.

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