Video: Being Poor And Homeless In Singapore

A very interesting Video about the “other side” of people living in Singapore! Check it out!

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Poverty exists but sometimes this poor people have a Mafia beyond and then they take the money the homeless bring.


I’m surprised there aren’t more comments for this post.

I wouldn’t call some of those people you have on your video ‘beggars’ per say, but they ARE poor. I don’t know if Singapore has a financial poverty issue, but from first-hand experience, I have to say Singaporeans suffer from a shortage of poverty.

Most people are too obsessed with their own financial success to think about others, including their parents. Old people are a burden especially when they have low EQ and tend to be quite brash. Their families find them a nuisance both financially and emotionally, for want of a better word. So they get tossed.

When I was a student, our teacher encouraged us to talk to these people to find out why they want/have to pick around for cans to recycle or sell tissue paper to passers-by. Most shout at you to go away. Others will mention that they don’t want to be a burden to others. A few will sit down and talk to you about YOU: how good you have it in life, if you have a boyfriend, what you should do to have a happy life etc.

I don’t talk to these people anymore.


Homeless peope are experiencing Hell on earth!
Spare a thought for them – don’t judge them but give them a second chance!


Homeless people are experiencing Hell on earth!
Spare a thought for them – don’t judge them and give them a second chance!

reality bites

Isnt the raise in GST supposed to help them? Someone direct them to the URA!

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