The Complete Guide To Volunteering In Singapore

Last year I had a fantastic time. Where others spend hundreds of Dollars for even less of the same experience that I got. I volunteered in Singapore, met world stars and got to places others would do anything for being able to see.

Where To Start Searching

Becoming a Volunteer in Singapore isn’t as difficult as you might think. I had my own problems in the beginning finding the right places to look at, but I will spare you that time and list below the best options for starting your search for a volunteer position in Singapore in general, and later a detailed list for your volunteer courier:

Volunteering In Singapore – Sport Events

The event I was talking about in the introduction was the first F1 night race here in Singapore last year. I volunteered, made great friends, walked the pit lane next to Bernie Ecclestone and saw the Ferrari crew testing, met almost all drivers, rode a bicycle with Kubica and had a chat with Kimi Raikkoenen, all for free and I’m doing it this year again.

Volunteering In Singapore – Art Programmes

If you are interested in arts, the many museums in Singapore or you simply want to help promoting the cultural and more arty side of Singapore, there are many options to join a Volunteer Organization or program to help the Museums and Art Exhibitions raising their awareness.

Volunteering In Singapore – Hospitals

Maybe you have planned to get into the medical and doctors business anyway, this might be the perfect option to see if it really meets your ideas. Work as a volunteer in one of Singapore’s hospitals and help people who are really in need.

Volunteering In Singapore – Library

Read your favorite books for free, indulge in centuries of histories packed into books and help out at the National Library as a volunteer.

Volunteering In Singapore – Animal Caretaking

With many Singaporeans buying animals as simple “gifts” for their children, you have many homeless animals as well. Help one of the Animal Organizations to help those animals and work as a volunteer for their program.

Volunteering In Singapore – Humanitarian Organizations

The Red Cross, Salvation Army, you probably have heard of them in connection to big nature disasters like the Tsunami or Earthquake catastrophes. You can join their Teams as a volunteer and help in areas of need.

Volunteering In Singapore – Nature / Wildlife

Once you have done a hike through the real wildlife and rain forests in Singapore you will understand why it is so important to keep these oases of green within the concrete jungle alive.
Help one of the nature/wildlife/environmental organizations in their volunteer world and safe the (Singaporean) rain forest.

Volunteering In Singapore – Person In Special Needs

Helping people who need help in Singapore, you can join organizations that target Persons in need. They are all very much dependent on volunteer work and will greet you with wide open arms to join their teams and programs.

Volunteering In Singapore – Youth Programs

Youth programs for children and teens from difficult environments or that simply need an helping hand to grow up and make their correct decisions are available everywhere in Singapore. Go and join them as a volunteer.

You Tips For Volunteering In Singapore?

Let us know of your experiences or places that you have with volunteering Singapore.
Please write down your thoughts in the comments below!




Hi! Thanks for the interesting feed! But I am wondering whether the volunteering application to this year’s F1 has been closed since you mentioned that’ the deadline is passed’? The official website states that information is coming soon, so do I still have a chance? Thanks!!


Yeah, the deadline has passed already and I guess the “coming soon” refers to the information for the “to be” volunteers, like training schedule etc…


Hey! Thanks for the various links on volunteering! I’ve been thinking about it and your post has been really helpful! :D


Thanks a bunch for this. I’m opting for library volunteer. I walk in and out of the library almost every week but this has never crossed my mind. Twill be great to be a storyteller (great change–and divertion!).

The spirit of volunteerism is still alive!

Kelly Lee Benko

I would love to find some volunteer work for me and my kids to do together (6 & 2)…maybe for poor or underprivileged families? Any ideas?


I need a place to volunteer for just a few hours. I can come back and volunteer some more in the coming weeks but i need to do at least one volunteering work before friday. Help me!!


hey!juz wanna check with u all where can we be volunteer for any organization because we are first time findin this kinda of stuff! so any ideas? we are a grp of 4-5 ppl, ard 21yr old.. guy and ladies.. so thanks!

Alma Luz Joy Sanchez


I am here in Singapore as Long-term Visit Pass that will expire next year. I’ve applying for work here so many called me but because I am in LTVP holder it is difficult for me to work in a low paying work so I decided to try work as volunteer just to help also and not waste my time staying here doing nothing.

Hope anyone could reply me and be part of volunteer team here in Singapore. I really just want to try working here in Singapore as volunteer.

Thank you.

Alma Luz Joy Sanchez

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