Why You Shouldn’t Watch “Bruno” In Singapore (List Of All Cuts)

On my flight back from Europe, where I was roaming around the last 2 weeks, I was nicely seated in between a notorious Scottish gentleman who wouldn’t stop ordering whiskey and a notorious teenager who wouldn’t stop playing “Space Invaders” with full volume on. So what to do?

Exactly, I watched “Borat” three times in a row and after the last “sexy time” I decided to do an experiment. Having watched “Bruno” back in Europe already, I would watch it once more in Singapore, just to check what you guys will never get to see in the cinema, here is the result!

Short Info:
Cutting movies can be tolerated considering a country like Singapore and its wide variety of religions (and taboos). However, this movie, same as Borat, lives off its highly embarrassing moments, the rest is simply gap-filling and small talk. (..more: The 5 Best Cinemas In Singapore)

Removing exactly those scenes, doesn’t leave much of the original movie. There’s An Overall Of 4 Major Cuts As Listed Below (consider well before buying a ticket for a “incomplete” movie).

1. Cut – Bruno Has “Fun” With His Boyfriend

As expected the first cut comes quick after a couple of minutes being into the movie. After introducing Bruno we get to know his boyfriend “Diesel”, played by Asian actor Clifford BaƱagale, unfortunately we get a very close “insight” into what they are doing in their free time.

  • 1st Cut
  • Normal Version:
    Bruno and Diesel are having sex in the most weird setups. Instead of going into detail, lets say its quite obvious what they are doing and in most scenes the “Fitness Bike With Dildo Contraption” is involved.
  • Singapore Version:
    We get the last scene out of approx 5, Bruno pours Champagne from a bottle thats held by Diesels but cheeks, somehow…well, weird enough.

2nd Cut – Bruno Is Kissing (And More) Milli Vanilli

This was my personal “Oh noooo, he’s not doing that for real” moment. However, not in Singapore, the whole scene makes no sense as shown here. Bruno consults a medium, for being able to talk to “Milli Vanilli”… and maybe do some more.

  • 2nd Cut
  • Normal Version:
    Bruno starts to kiss the “invisible” Milli Vanilli and after doing so for 5 seconds he continues do engage “otherwise” with him for the following at least 1-2 minutes, all while the “medium” is sitting on his seat watching in disbelief. Hence the end of the scene “I wish you good luck with your life”.
  • Singapore Version:
    Bruno kisses the invisible Milli Vanilli – Cut – “I wish you good luck with your life”

3rd Cut – OJ Pictures In The Talkshow

Mostly I guess for religious reasons was this scene cut in Singapore. However it is out of my understanding why some scenes were left untouched while others were cut out completely.

  • 3rd Cut
  • Normal Version:
    While sitting in the talkshow several pictures of Bruno with his son OJ are displayed in the studio. Approx 6-7 pictures including OJ hanging on a Cruzifix.
  • Singapore Version:
    All pictures religious related are cut out.

4th Cut – The Swingers Party

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‘, ‘num_items’ => 3, ‘type’ => ‘public’, ‘tags’ => ‘bruno’, ‘html’ => ‘


‘)); ?> Again, I cannot follow the logic behind the cuts of the movie. After 20 minutes you get to see Brunos “dingdong” bouncing around full screen for at least 20 seconds uncensored, while the scene of the Swingers party (where most “parts” are blacked-out anyway already) gets even cut down more.

  • 4th Cut
  • Normal Version:
    We see how Bruno enjoys walking around in between the “engaged” couples while touching the mans shoulders, legs and backs and obviously ignoring the woman completely until all guys get really pissed off.
  • Singapore Version:
    We only see the end of the scene, when Bruno asks one of the guys to concentrate on his eyes, other the womans body. Practically the whole “Swinger Party” is missing.

What Do You Think About Censorship In Singapore?

Do you agree that due to the many different cultures and religions, cutting offensive scenes of movies is a “must” to avoid any kind of uproar, or do you support the total freedom of speech (and art) including movies.

Here is another very interesting article about the MDA (Media Development Authority), the guys and girls censoring everyting we would like to see. Read it!

Please let us know in the comments below!




yeah I knew there would be no point seeing it here..i downloaded it from the magical internets instead…I was planning to see it in the cinema like you did, juist to see what they cut out; and to hear the locals’ reaction. : ) Like you’ve said before; everyone here laughs at the most unusual things…hmmm….

Mike C

knew this would happen.. they also ban alot of the movies n the film french, german independent film festivals here. whats the point of having a film festival if all the good movies are banned? its very disappointing, which is the reason why the art culture here can hardly make it. is like when a parent covers their child’s eyes during a nude scene. sure thats acceptable, but we’re all adults here no one is forcing anyone to watch a movie wherein they would get offended.

Sly B

uhhh, that’s sound severe. did someone get refund for their tickets?


I too caught it in Singapore, because 1) movies are cheaper to see in the theater than in the US and 2) I really wanted to hear the audience reactions — comedy amplifies when there’s a crowd to go along with it. In the theater, Borat was gut busting hilarious primarily *because* of the scenes that went horrifically too long. Additionally, because of the R21 rating in Bruno I naively assumed they would not cut very much. According to your post, I guess I was wrong! And on top of that I think the singapore audience was too horrified to let loose and laugh — maybe it’s a make fun of redneck american thing. So, there was a lot of silence in many spots, with random white guy laughing maniacally. Which to me, and my entirely strange sense of humor, made it more funny. Well, now I know what to expect next time.


How can you expect more while they even banned the super awesome Kill Bill 1 here ?

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