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Too Expensive? Here’s how to watch the World Cup in Singapore for Free

Would you believe it? In 2006, it cost you 10.50 S$ to watch the telecast World Cup matches in Singapore while sitting on your own sofa in your comfi home, this time, 2010, you have to shell out S$94.16. For a football loving creature like me, this definitely comes in the exorbitant and not to be borne category.

Singapore Watching the Worldcup for Free © Photo by Martin Kleppe - Flickr

1. Get Outside – Dude, even McDonalds is showing the Games!

So let us look at the best ways in which we can watch FIFA 2010 World Cup without paying any money to these telecom companies who consider us docile walkovers.

Of course you can watch them at your nearest community centres, Mac Donald’s, pub or club, anyway which has a big screen.

Here is the list of McDonald Outlets with WorldCup Screenings

• Another list, The 7 Best Sports Bars in Singapore to catch the Worldcup Live


2. Buy an Indoor Antenna and get the Malaysian Channels

But if you want to screech Goalll or ~!@#$%^&*() , at home, along with your family and friends while chomping potato chips, try this option — buy an antenna which can be used indoors. There are places in Singapore especially Singapore and South Singapore which can receive Malaysian as well as Indonesian channels like RTM one and RCT one.

Not only are you going to get better signal reception, but you are also going to enjoy watching TV right in your den at home. Nevertheless, if you find the commentary going on in Malay, catch an interpreter to do the running commentary and gift him with beer. An antenna is rather cheap especially when you buy it from Funan Centre Sim Lim Square or from Mustafa Centre at around 20 S$.

The 5 Best Places to buy electronics in Singapore


3. Beer and Worldcup? Beerfest 2010!

I know, I should be talking about watching the World Cup at home, but you might want to watch these matches at Beerfest Asia 2010.

So from June 16 to the 20th, you are going to spend $10 or more according to how extravagant you feel, and enjoy the World Cup matches. And hey, you have more than 250 beer brands to choose from. What a time!

Schedule of Worldcup Matches on Beerfest Singapore


4. Sentosa Worldcup Festival 2010 – Get some sun!

From June 26 to the 12th of July, remember to go to Sentosa to take part in the Singapore World Cup Festival 2010.

Music, highlights of the tournament and other attractions do not come cheap, so you will need to shell out S$68, but go there for the experience. (The cost starts from SD 10 to more…)

Here all information to Singapore WorlCup Festival 2010


5. Say “Thank You Internet!” – Worldcup Streaming

How to watch your favourite game online? Nothing easier then that!
Thanks to the Internet, everything is possible! Make sure you have a fast broadband service provider, then you are ready to go!

Just Google for “myp2p” and you or watching the worldcup quicker then you could order the overpriced worldcup packages from our Singapore providers!

Remember that your bandwidth is going to determine the quality of the video so if you are willing to invest a little something in the Internet bills, this is the best option!



Charles - Postal Gold

A great list, it makes me sick knowing that companies are exploiting people for things like the world cup which is supposed to be a representation of the world coming together to support their teams. It is the most watched sporting event in the world and television companies trying to make money off that should not be allowed. Lucky that sometimes the bar is much more interesting than home anyway!

Daphne Maia

Watch online at: (they have 2 ‘no-download-required’ streaming links, one is Brit – BBC or ITV1 – and the other American -ESPN)

and (I think the streams are randomly generated, I usually get some Hispanic channel)

Joseph Kwabena Duah

dear sir,
I should be grateful if I could have oneof your Iphone to use my website?. I am deaf and am in need IPhone.
Thank you and to hear from you.


The problem with watching at most public places (I watched at Chijmes) is it gets very crowded and food/beer usually over-priced.

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