Weird Things Made In Singapore

Every week I discuss one of the many questions that reach me through my blog, preferable, the more interesting and indeed “weird” ones.
After last weeks ultimate answer to the most asked question “What Country Is Singapore In?“… I have a more unique one this week

Wired Things Made In Singapore?

Almost one year ago I posted a thread about the MakeBlog which back then had a very famous series about “Weird Things Made In Japan“.

Somehow this post now attracts a lot of people asking me about “Weird Things Made In Singapore”.

But since Singapore is not a big “self made” nation and actually imports almost everything from Fruits to Furnitures to even Water and Sand, there are not many things that can be found “Made In Singapore” in general. However…

Lets see what we can find…

1. Weird Laws In Singapore

Alright. So this is the first thing (maybe now the second, after the Formula 1 Night Race) that pops into the mind of any expat are all these “strange” laws that are supposed to exist in Singapore. I discussed them before and you can read all the craziness here, but in short terms, yes, there are some very weird laws.

  • – Selling and import of Chewing Gum not allowed
  • – You get fined for Eating and Drinking on the Train stations and trains
  • – Be prepared to pay if you dont flush the toilet after using it
  • – is censored
  • – etc. Weird.

2. Most Weird Fruit In Singapore

There is one particular thing I didn’t know about before coming, its called Durian and its a fruit. A rather smelly one. In fact it smells so bad that its officially banned in all public houses and Bus as well as Train systems. Weird.

3. Most Weird Bar In Singapore

I always wonder how you will not die of embarrassment when sitting at this bar, and having a disabled person walking or wheel-chairing by.

The Clinic is a bar at Singapore’s tourist mile Clarke Quay, where you sit in wheelchairs or on hospital beds, eating and drinking out of hospital near equipment. Weird.

4. Weird Way Of Getting Your Drinks

Ever wondered how to put down your “bag” of coffee when you need two free hands? Yes, me too!

In Singapore you barely get drinks served in cups… but much more likely in bags. Yes, you get bagged Coffee served in a nice little plastic bag with two strings to hold it. Weird.

5. Weird Local Customs

  • – The tissue packs you will find scattered around food courts or any other place with the possibility of reserving something are no freebies to grab.
    They are marks. Reservation marks and dare you to move one or even pick it up.
  • – No, you wont get a free TV when joining that one km long cue, but a free tissue pack (so you can perform above action) and maybe a voucher for another free tissue pack.

    Cuing can be considered national sport, and if you don’t have strong legs, don’t even think about competing the locals.

  • Read more here about some strange local customs i wrote about earlier…

6. Weird Names

Actually this is only a small bonus, and its actually only one weird name.

No doubt there are tons of them out there but this one is especially hilarious. Fake or No fake, its not clear yet, but who cares? :)

Batman Bin SuparMan

Do you know of any funny or weird things “made” in Singapore? Please let us know and post it in the comments below!




true :) when i first arrived I thought “Durian” would be another word for bomb maybe, haha :)


You should always censor the last part of any IC number because I can easily tell you that his IC number starts with 90, the birth year!!!


More real weird names for you:

I believe they are middle/last names of famous Europeans, and yes these are real people I know.

And some derelict ones which you don’t even see in the West:
strange combinations like “Ann-Marie”

I find dialect names pretty weird too, when translated into English.
Boon Tuck
Boon How
See Moon, etc

Thank god my parents were sensible (or un-posh) enough to come up with a Chinese name.


I especially loved the “weird local customs” one, haha. I’ve yet to try grabbing any of those pretty tissue packs and running off tho

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