What Clothing Should You Wear In Singapore?

Motivated By Recent Scandalous Events, There Is Only One Real Answer. Everything Goes But Don’t Go Naked Like The Couple In Holland Village. Conservative Singapore Might Charge You 3000$ And A Couple Of Month In Jail.

Following the first four issues (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) of our series “Afraid To Ask – What You really Want To Know About Singapore”, I give you some advise on how to dress properly in the humid and hot Singapore today.

Forget About Your Sweater

The first thing I want you to remove from your just packed suitcase is your sweater, your rain coat, any useless equipment like trendy scarfs or boots and the G-String Bikini that you are not allowed to wear here anyways.

Singapore’s climate is hot and extremely humid during the whole year. Yes, its 365 days of pure sweating madness and not a single day that is colder then 20 degrees (The coolest day EVER recorded was 19.4 degrees in 1934, so do your calculations, add up over 70 years of global warming and you will reopen your suitcase latest at this point now).

If you have no plans to continue your travel towards Tibet or Russia, there is really no need to bring anything thicker then 5mm. If it rains an umbrella will be enough, and if the Aircon is bothering you, switch it off or put on a second T-Shirt :)

  • TIP: You will find a pretty accurate Weather Forecast For Singapore here:

Do It The Tourist Way

Representing the typical tourist (that you probably are) you have two options now.

1. You Stand Strong And Dress Like A Tourist
2. You Adjust Yourself, Leave Out The White Socks, And Stay (Almost) Unnoticed

If you sinfully decided to walk your way of tourist-resembling-uniqueness continue reading here, if you wisely decide to not walk through the streets, and without saying a word screaming out loud, “Look At Me, I’m A Tourist, Offer Me A Meal At Boat Quay And A TukTuk ride to Newton Circus”, then continue reading at the next section.

Following Are The “Must-Haves” To Successfully Represent A Tourist In Singapore (Be Warned Stereotypes Might Apply):

  • • White Socks / Or socks in general as a combination with sandals, Flip Flops or the infamous Crocs
  • • A Singapore Map folded in your hand or wide open in front of you
  • • A Fanny Pack filled with important accessors such as compass, Malaria Prophylaxe and Water purifying tablets for the wild Singaporean jungle
  • • Matching Outdoor clothes, including Trekking shoes, safari vest and hiking pants (most preferable in brownish colors)
  • • A very suspicious look on your face towards every Ice cream uncle or Hawker Center auntie that doesn’t comply with the metropolitan Singapore environment
  • • Wear shorts at every time of the day

Do It The Local Way

If you decided to do it the Singapore camouflage style then you can reopen your Suitcase once more and safe yourself a couple of more kilogram.
Get rid of the fine shoes, the suit and the evening dress.
And then follow the points below (Be Warned Once More, Stereotypes Might Apply Again):

  • • Always, and I mean always, hold your mobile phone, Nintendo DS or PSP in your hands, at least pretending to do something important
  • • You wear long pants if you go out at any time, and only shorts during casual shopping or at the beach
  • • Ignoring the above point, you can also try to represent the “typical” uncle and wear a singlet, shorts and old Flip Flops at anytime of the day, be it your lunch at the Hawker Center, the Opera Performance or the cinema.
  • • Crocs, Crocs, Crocs, Crocs …. (for your whole family, preferable with little attached pins of Disney characters)
  • • If you might see the chance of getting “hit” by sun beams, open your umbrella and DONT be considerate against people crossing your way

How Do You Dress In Singapore?

You don’t agree with the above points or you have developed your own unique style of clothes to wear in Singapore? Let us please know in the comments below about it or what you think about stereotype clothing of tourists and locals in Singapore!




I think that people shouldn’t carry those big-ass cameras because then I know that they’re new in town and they look absolutely ridiculous with those tripods and everything. :D


Leave the sweater at home! But how will I survive the cinemas?


just curious but im not sure what the attire is like when your out clubbing, are heels exceptable or do people usually wear flats?


Hey Elle,
clubbing is pretty relaxed here, you have places where pants, closed shoes and some kind of “casual smart” are expected, but on the other hand you sometimes get in with shorts as well.

For ladies its even easier, dont worry. Flats are fine!

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