What You Should Never Wear For Clubbing In Singapore

I never had problems getting into any club on this island called Singapore. Be it the local Thai Disco at Golden Mile or some uptown club in the city district.
So i was even more surprised when I met up some old friends that were stopping over in Singapore and they told me how hard it would be to get past the door into clubs here.
What had happened?

Would You Go For Drinks In Your Shorts And FlipFlops At Home?

Alright, so the reason my old buddies weren’t able to score at the most Singapore clubs that night was quite simple. And unfortunately their mistakes get repeated by numerous people every night, I know because I see them. And I don’t get it!

So if you are on a stop over in Singapore or spending some holidays here, don’t do the same mistake.
People tend to think that as soon as they are on holiday, their usual rules for “how to dress” don’t apply anymore.

So once and for all, NO, you wont get into clubs with Flip Flops and shorts here in Singapore either. YES, most Bars probably wont be bothered, but do you really want to “stand out” as the typical tourist that much?

Nice Suit – But Isn’t That Hot?

Well you might be on some business trip or just used to wearing some fancy stuff when going out, but except the Bars along Boat Quay, lined up next to Raffles Place (the main business district) you will look a bit out of place if you turn up in your Tuxedo for a night of dancing.

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‘)); ?> There’s nothing wrong with it in the first place. But just take this as an advice. It will be freaking hot in the clubs and people here tend to under dress more then overdress. So again, it’s up to yuo if you want to stand out or just fit in.

As A Rule Of Thumb

I would say that every tourist, expat, local, just every person who wants to have a fun night out, will be on the safe side with the following “setup” :

  • Dressing Advice For Singapore’s Clubs
  • • Male: Wear Jeans / Long Pants with Sneakers or fine shoes and a trendy top like fashionable T-Shirt or loose Shirt
  • Female: Its easier for you, almost anything goes but try to avoid slippers, to stay on the safe side, just dress the same as always when going out (with the focus on the hot climate here)

What Do You Think?

Let us know what your idea of an ideal clothing setup is for the usual Saturday night in Singapore’s clubs!More fancy, more classic?

Please Write down your thoughts in the comments below!


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