Whats New At ZoukOut 2009? (4+1 Updates!)

Every Year the Zoukout organizers will make sure they present some new features to attract as many people as the year before.
We have reached 25.000 wild party folks that come to Singapore in average, “just” to dance one long night on the beach and listen to some of the worlds best DJs.

Australian Festival At Singapore Zoo

Meet the Wild Aussies – a star-studded crew of a wallaby and her friends – a cockatoo and a frilled neck lizard as they sing and dance their way around Australia to help you learn more about their endangered animals.

Singapore’s First “Expat’s Day Out 2009″

Expats Day Out! 2009 is Singapore’s first-ever sports & lifestyle carnival for both the expatriate & the local communities, international schools, clubs and corporations. It promises to be an exhilarating day of ultimate sporting fun & eco-friendly day out with family, making new friends & bonding!

Singapore Kindness Movement Starting This Week

A survey was conducted last December to find out how much weight Singaporeans gave to being kind and gracious, and how well they fared in each of these areas. The overall result was a mere 58 out of 100

The Best Chinese New Year Posts This Year!

Only the best! Especially for my readers I compiled the below list of Chinese New Year posts that you will definitely need to read if you want to be properly prepared for next years Chinese New Year celebrations. I hope you all enjoyed the days as much as I did, now lets make the best… Read more »

Do You Want To Know Why Singapore Canceled This Years CNY Fireworks?

No Fireworks in Singapore this year. Personally I wasn’t a big fan of the fireworks conducted in Singapore anyway. But thats probably just due to the relatively high level of expectations I gained, after having witnessed the gigantic NYE fireworks in front of Sydney’s opera house. After all, its of course a nice thing to… Read more »

Which Chinese New Year Animal Are You? Find Out!

The countdown is ticking. Chinese New Year 2009 is right at your footstep, red balloons are dangling in front of every door you pass by and Orange trees are popping out of nowhere as if you were walking through some Spanish fruit plantation.

But maybe experiencing the Chinese New Year for the first time or still wondering about those red packages everybody exchanged or the food that was thrown in the air all around you, there are many questions for the expat or person who is not familiar with these festivities in general.

How To Get The Most Out Off Your Singapore Public Holidays 2009

The year is long and the days are numbered. 2009 just arrived and brings some nice public holidays along.
And since long weekends are the best thing to escape this island for some off-time, I created the below Singapore 2009 Publi Holiday list and my suggestions of how to place your holidays to get the maximum amount of free time out of it.