Who is AngryAngMo – The Story behind this!

AngryAngMo Cliff Diving

My life seemed rather ordinary for the first 20 years. I once won a TV when I performed with my best friend as the Blues Brothers on TV. I build tree houses, fell out of tree houses, caught ticks running through golden fields in the mid autumn evening sun, and I swallowed a whole bottle of bathing soap once, when I was young, it was strawberry flavored.

Something Unbelievable Happened Today – Must Read!

Everything is possible. And if you think you have reached your goals, you haven’t set them high enough.
Those were my words the day i decided to join the Asian blogging scene and lift AngryAngMo.com to the top position of independent, informative and news orientated Singapore blogs.
Only half a year later I reached more then I ever dreamed of.

I Am Nominated For The Worlds Best Blogger Award

And I’m not even joking. Everybody is blogging these days, uncles about their rude Cab passengers, aunties about the latest NTUC promotion or their dirty HDBs, and then me, blogging about those uncles and aunties, and mainly the country they live in, Singapore. And if I was able to put a smile on your face,… Read more »

AngryAngMo’s Singapore Blog Uncensored – Now On TWITTER

Since My readers come first and I want you guys to be always up to date on my newest posts, tips, tricks, guides and rantings, i followed the general trend and reader request, putting AngryAngMo.com on Twitter. Yeah! From now on AngryAngMo.com will send all his blog posts,daily updates and personal news, tips and tricks,… Read more »

A Late Happy New Year!! – BONUS: All Last Years Best Articles!

A Happy New Year!! AngryAngMo wishes all its readers a happy new year and only the best for the upcoming month, we would like to thank all our regular readers and visitors who are helping to establish our page as one of the places to go for information on Expat Living and Information in Singapore!!… Read more »

AngryAngMo.com – 5555 Visitor

AngryAngMood: HAPPY Heyaaa…. i can happily anounce that just now the 5.555 unique visitor hit AngryAngMo.com after its restart 3 weeks ago. Thanks to everyone who is supporting and reading us, we will keep you updated with Singapores best news, articles, videos and stories!! Nevermind!