Do You Want To Know Why Singapore Canceled This Years CNY Fireworks?

No Fireworks in Singapore this year. Personally I wasn’t a big fan of the fireworks conducted in Singapore anyway. But thats probably just due to the relatively high level of expectations I gained, after having witnessed the gigantic NYE fireworks in front of Sydney’s opera house. After all, its of course a nice thing to… Read more »

10 Things You Should Never Do At Chinese New Year

You did what?

Eyes full of disbelieve and surprise were starring at me. Its the second day of Chinese New Year celebrations last year. And I am not sure of what crime I had just committed.

I had met a couple of friends for Yusheng (Read: Chinese New Year Threw The Eyes Of An Expat (Part 1) and was proudly presenting my four new books that I got me as part of my New Years Resolution, reading more instead of sitting in front of my Laptop. So far a good start into the New Year… at least thats what I thought.