The 10 Best (Uncensored) Political Blogs In Singapore

Find out whats really going on in the heads of many Singaporeans and get your daily news not from one of the (state controlled) media publications but from one of the many political liberal orientated blogs.

Below is a list of the in my opinion most important and frequent updated web publications. Please feel free to post suggestions in the comments if you think a blog / page is missing in belows list!

Its Official, I Won The World Blogging Challenge 2009!

Who would have thought that? Definitely not me when I sat down one year ago brainstorming my mind for a good name. A name for that blog which didn’t exist in this form yet in Singapore. Something like a mixture of useful insider tips and nice-to-read personal reports about the daily life in Singapore. And of course provocative. That’s how AngryAngMo was born.

Something Unbelievable Happened Today – Must Read!

Everything is possible. And if you think you have reached your goals, you haven’t set them high enough.
Those were my words the day i decided to join the Asian blogging scene and lift to the top position of independent, informative and news orientated Singapore blogs.
Only half a year later I reached more then I ever dreamed of.