Catch a Great View of Singapore’s Chinese New Year Fireworks – The 5 Top Roof Top Bars!

Rooftop bars seem to be the next hip thing in Singapore. Most of the big names in the industry are leading the way. These rooftop bars are not only good for a night-out but also offer a great view of the city’s skyline. With skyscrapers dotting the night sky, these bars present an awesome view. Contrary to sit in the AC lounges, these places offer open air fun coupled with good ambiance.

Don’t Spend Chinese New Year in Singapore – Go Here Instead (5 Great Trips)

You don’t like large fireworks? You don’t like thousands of people clogging the streets of your city? You don’t like crowded market places? Then you should definitely not head to Singapore during Chinese New Year. The place has so much hustle and bustle that anyone with crowd-syndrome would go crazy in no time.

Singapore’s 7 most exclusive Restaurants to have Chinese New Year Dinner

A dinner on New Years Eve can be made an elaborate affair. Right? If that’s what you think then Singapore has just the right restaurants for you. Expensive restaurants are increasing in numbers throughout Singapore because it is fast emerging as a major tourist hub.
These restaurants are those where you need to take along a fat wallet if you want to have a good meal.

Top 5 Places For Chinese New Year Shopping in Singapore

Chinese New Year is a time of the year when Singapore’s shopping scene is abreast with numerous offerings for every budget and person. The prime shopping destinations in the city are filled with people who come looking for New Year decoration items for their homes and tourists looking for the best bargains.

Singapore’s Most Happening Chinese New Year Parties

Chinese New year celebrations are famous for their over-the-top festive fervor. Since Singapore is already a top tourist destination in the world, it very well transforms itself into the hottest party spot this time of the New Year.

All Highlights of Singapore’s Chinese New Year Celebrations in 2010

What is celebrated as the first day of a new year in many countries is known as Spring Festival in China. Yes, the Chinese celebrate it as a festival filled with colors, events and exquisite preparations. It’s more so in Singapore, where New Year celebrations are a blend of modern and traditional events.

The 3 Best Places To Watch Singapores Chingay Parade For Free

You gotta see this.
The Chingay Parade in Singapore is Asia’s biggest street parade held once a year during the Chinese New Years celebrations.
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What was once a small parade, first held in 1973, as a response to the official firecracker ban from the year before, and to bring back cheering and joy to the people, has no evolved into a massive, multicolor staged show, broad casted live by the national television and watched by over a million of people each year.

The Best Chinese New Year Posts This Year!

Only the best! Especially for my readers I compiled the below list of Chinese New Year posts that you will definitely need to read if you want to be properly prepared for next years Chinese New Year celebrations. I hope you all enjoyed the days as much as I did, now lets make the best… Read more »