The 5 Best things to do on a lazy Sunday in Singapore

singapore lazy boardgame

Here come the lazy hazy crazy days of summer, and it is a given that you are going to be looking for the best options for whiling away a lazy Sunday afternoon. These options are only to be taken if you were not kept busy sipping Tiger Beer with the girl named Julie, of a Saturday evening, having the gidft of a nice Hangover this morning.

The 7 Best Free Things To Do At Changi Airport

Singapore Airport, only flying is better, the airport in Singapore is an attraction by itself, if you arrive in Singapore you will enjoy an average time of leaving the plane to entering the next cab, of 25 minutes, bags arrive quick, the passport checks are efficient and quick and the train station in easy reach by foot.
If you depart, there are plenty of options of how to get around your waiting time.

5 Things in Singapore that still drive me Nuts!

People have lately complained that I do not complain enough anymore. Those people on a side note were solely local friends. So here I go, and don’t come later with those usual hate comments. (I hear people now whispering “Ohoh, where is he going here”). Yes, its boring to hear “Stupid AngMo,we don’t need you, go home if you dont like it” for the 1000. time. Get creative for god sake. Besides, if you really follow my blog you might have noticed I actually love Singapore.

5 Things You Will Definitely miss in Singapore

I am in Singapore since three years and I had few moments where I really missed home. I never longed for forbidden fruits like Chewing Gum or hoped to feel some cold snow flakes falling on my head. Hell, we even have a casino and Formula 1 race now.

Complete List of 3D Cinemas In Singapore

Its the big newcomer for the Cinema and movies in 2010.. 3D is back, and better then ever before. Throw away your old red-blue colored glasses and enjoy 3D movies in Singapore’s cinemas as if you are right in the action.

Enjoy your movies in one of the 3D Cinemas listed below!

Finally! Singapore Launches New Campaign “Switch It Off Already!”

How long was I waiting for the day when annoyance, inconsideration and total misbehavior in public events such as cinema shows and theater plays would get officially acknowledged and addressed by the Singapore government. That day has come. Praise the lord of durians!
All you mobile-phone-users, late-comers and rubbish-talkers be aware! Singapore’s latest campaign “Switch It Off Already!” is going to end your unglamorous regime.

Why You Shouldn’t Watch “Bruno” In Singapore (List Of All Cuts)

On my flight back from Europe, where I was roaming around the last 2 weeks, I was nicely seated in between a notorious Scottish gentleman who wouldn’t stop ordering whiskey and a notorious teenager who wouldn’t stop playing “Space Invaders” with full volume on. So what to do?

Exactly, I watched “Borat” three times in a row and after the last “sexy time” I decided to do an experiment. Having watched “Bruno” back in Europe already, I would watch it once more in Singapore, just to check what you guys will never get to see in the cinema, here is the result!

How To Survive A Night At Singapore’s Cinemas

Singapore’s Cinemas Provide Something You Wont Find Anywhere Else…

Freezing Cool Temperatures!

But I know you know already, so let me continue to show you what else you have to take care of and what you definitely must know before attempting a nice evening at one of Singapore’s cinemas.

The 7 Best Cinemas In Singapore

Yesterday I Almost Puked While Watching A Movie In Singapore.

The reason was my confused brain after I had finally decided to give the new re-discovered 3D-Movies a try and watch “My Bloody Valentine” in fabulous, and very shaky, 3D pictures.

And while sitting there and seeing blood and ripped out hearts flying around me, enjoying myself and the sweet popcorn, I remembered how I first arrived in Singapore and short after had a terrible introduction to the cinema experience in Singapore.