The 3 Best Places To Watch Singapores Chingay Parade For Free

You gotta see this.
The Chingay Parade in Singapore is Asia’s biggest street parade held once a year during the Chinese New Years celebrations.
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What was once a small parade, first held in 1973, as a response to the official firecracker ban from the year before, and to bring back cheering and joy to the people, has no evolved into a massive, multicolor staged show, broad casted live by the national television and watched by over a million of people each year.

The Best Chinese New Year Posts This Year!

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Five Very Important Things I Learned This Chinese New Year

1. Before joining the gambling sessions, put some money aside for your cab ride home. First point. The four long days of main Chinese New Year celebrations are over in Singapore. Its a sunny Wednesday morning, the new lunar year has begun and my desk is still filled with as much work as last year…. Read more »

Do You Want To Know Why Singapore Canceled This Years CNY Fireworks?

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“I Hate Chinese New Year!”

Why Chinese New Year Isn’t As Welcomed As You Might Think Of course there is all this beautiful red decoration everywhere, long cues of people changing their money to the rare “Chinese New Year Edition”, just to spread it sourly smiling between the greedy family members the next day. And there is of course the… Read more »

Don’t Get Lost This Chinese New Year! All The Important Opening Hours And MRT Timings!

No Food, Closed Shops and an empty stomach.

This is my personal way of welcoming the new Chinese New Year. Its Monday and I am already facing my first main challenge this season. Not starving.
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Like every year I am not involved in some Mahjong or/and food marathon but stuck at work, where the Japanese markets are without remorse and giving me plenty to do for not being reminded of the major holiday that is actually taking place these days.

Chinese New Year, Through The Eyes Of An Expat (Part2)

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10 Things You Should Never Do At Chinese New Year

You did what?

Eyes full of disbelieve and surprise were starring at me. Its the second day of Chinese New Year celebrations last year. And I am not sure of what crime I had just committed.

I had met a couple of friends for Yusheng (Read: Chinese New Year Threw The Eyes Of An Expat (Part 1) and was proudly presenting my four new books that I got me as part of my New Years Resolution, reading more instead of sitting in front of my Laptop. So far a good start into the New Year… at least thats what I thought.

Chinese New Year, Through The Eyes Of An Expat (Part1)

Boom, Boom, Boom!! I wake up, and wonder why I decided to camp right in the middle of a drumming training center last night. But “no”, now I remember, I’m still in my flat in Singapore, its just one of these mornings short before Chinese New Year and the guys downstairs, with their arsenals of… Read more »

Which Chinese New Year Animal Are You? Find Out!

The countdown is ticking. Chinese New Year 2009 is right at your footstep, red balloons are dangling in front of every door you pass by and Orange trees are popping out of nowhere as if you were walking through some Spanish fruit plantation.

But maybe experiencing the Chinese New Year for the first time or still wondering about those red packages everybody exchanged or the food that was thrown in the air all around you, there are many questions for the expat or person who is not familiar with these festivities in general.