The 5 Best Places To Buy Halloween Costumes In Singapore

When my friends asked me yesterday what my Halloween costume for this years Singapore 31. October would be, I told them “Ang Moh”. Well, the joke didn’t really work but for everyone new to Singapore or Halloween, here is the perfect list to find your Halloween costume in Singapore!

How To Donate Things In Singapore

You dropped that empty pack of cigarettes on the sidewalk and let it be, you spilled your fruit juice in the Hawker Center and the poor uncle had to clean up for you, here’s your chance to get clear with your conscience. Donate something for the poor and needy.

I myself stood in front of a huge pile of old clothes, shoes and games I neglected to take with me when I recently moved places. So I decided to donate them instead of pushing down the refuse chute.

Learn How To Sell Your Old Things In Singapore (And Make Some $$)

You Got no money for a valentines gift but your shelves are bending under the weight of dusty books and old gadgets? You don’t want your mistress to remind you the next ten years of that terrible Valentines Day where she didn’t get any flowers, or maybe you simply want to try that new Spar… Read more »