Racist And Useless Security Checks At Singapore’s MRT Stations

The APEC meeting had several impacts on the Singaporeans, besides the apparent increase in public littering (due to missing bins everywhere) another “issue” are the tightened security checks at MRT stations which however turned out to be useless and even more.. annoying. I question who trains these people and who sets up the instructions they follow.

How To Have A Really Freaking Adventure In Singapore

“See, This is exactly what you always wanted to do when you are young but your parents didn’t allow you to do so, now I know why, Its freaking dangerous”
Those were my words last weekend when a little group of us escaped the concrete jungle of Singapore, for the real jungle in Malaysia

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Is Singapore Dangerous?

Yes, it is. Very Much, so you better watch out! – If you just decided to become the next Heidi Klum or simply maintain your regular body weight and not get tanned, yes, dangerous. – If you have planned to start saving money and spend your weekends at home, sitting in front of an exciting… Read more »

Worlds 10 Most Dangerous Countries (Where Is Singapore?)

Are you afraid right now when you are reading this? You better watch your back, left, right, over your shoulder…Are you having problems sleeping during the night and you get goosebumps when you hear strange noises on the MRT… WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!

Singapore Is Not Safe Any More!

Alright, so this is it. Singapore isn’t safe any more. Low crime does not mean no crime.

Get into your house, close your doors, windows, don’t turn on the air con and keep silent while the cold sweat is running down your forehead.

When the authorities knock on your door, don’t open, it might be an ambush. And never, never be tempted to go and get your chicken rice from outside, its a long way down.