5 Great new Restaurants at Resort World Sentosa

The Resorts World Sentosa offers a treat to food lovers. Although the place only opened a couple of weeks back, it is already buzzing with world class restaurants offering local and international delicacies. Since Resorts World is a prime location, renowned chefs have set up their base here. The restaurants are always busy with activity and are destined to do great business even in such turbulent economic times.

For a lovely evening – The 7 Most Romantic Restaurants in Singapore

There is nothing like having a nice dinner with your valentine. Be it candle lit dinner of a rooftop venue, a meal can not only bring you closer but also trigger the romance all over again.
Eating out in Singapore takes a whole new meaning on Valentine’s Day. Couples throng the most happening spots in the city to celebrate this day. So, if you are also on the same boat, then let me present you with a list of Singapore’s Most Romantic Restaurants You Should visit on Valentine’s Day.

Singapore’s 7 most exclusive Restaurants to have Chinese New Year Dinner

A dinner on New Years Eve can be made an elaborate affair. Right? If that’s what you think then Singapore has just the right restaurants for you. Expensive restaurants are increasing in numbers throughout Singapore because it is fast emerging as a major tourist hub.
These restaurants are those where you need to take along a fat wallet if you want to have a good meal.

The 5 Best Xmas Dinner Offers in Singapore (Low Price – To Extremely Expensive)

Almost all restaurants and hotels jump on the Christmas Wagon each year to provide customized menus and Christmas Eve dinners, you will find special offers almost everywhere and the big hotels like Grand Hyatt’s Mezzanine, Shangri-La Hotel, Marriot Singapore, Saint Pierre or Orchard Hotel are just a small portion of the big Dinner possibilities.

Where To Find Everything For A Traditional Christmas Dinner in Singapore

Jesus do I miss sitting at the old kitchen table, dimmed light while the snow flakes hover outside around the huge trees in the garden, fingers are sticky from the cookie dough and the chocolate is smelling incredible good while melting to be put on the sweets.

If you know how that feels, here are my tips for where to get everything for a traditional Christmas meal in Singapore!

The 7 Most Expensive Restaurants In Singapore

Have you ever wondered where the really expensive restaurants are in Singapore? Ever wondered where you can spend a fortune on a single meal? Me too… Not that I went for a field test but I got an idea and here is the result. Go and spend your Singaporean Dollar on some fantastic food thats worth the blingbling.

The 5 Best Places To Rent A Tuxedo / Dinner Dress In Singapore

Recently a friend called me from Hong Kong asking if I would know a good place to rent Tuxedos for a Black-Tie dinner that another friend would have to attend in Singapore. Honestly I didn’t, but I came up with some ideas and the friend had a fantastic evening.

This Is It – My First Singaporean Wedding

Singapore Wedding

Getting up before noon on a lazy Saturday isn’t really my thing to do, so imagine how thrilled I was when receiving the following invitation:”Everybody, all brothers meeting at 6AM at my new HDB, be on time”.
This is it. I totally forgot, tomorrow is my first Singaporean wedding and I am part of the brothers. In fact I have to admit I was quite excited in foresight of the whole event. How did it turn out from an Non-Asian point of view?

The Top 5 Singapore Hawker Center (Without Newton Circus)

There Are Actually Hawker Center In Singapore Where You Get A Regular Dinner For Less Then 500 Dollar

And following the heated debate about the recent “Newton Circus Hawker Center Scandal“, I decided to give you a list of wonderful places to go for much cheaper and probably much better food as well. (A hawker center is similar to a food court, just outside, cheaper, busier and more original)

How To Survive Valentines Day In Singapore During The Financial Crisis

A Bed Full Of Roses? Bullshit, imagine how much that would hurt.

Its this time of year where Singapore transforms into one big heart shaped island, pink and Bordeaux red replace the National colors, the shop uncles in China town change their catch line to “Ah, Niceee, Valentines shopping, all cheap, cancan”.. and everybody (even the Money changers at Raffles Place) have their “Valentines Day Promotion” running.