L’Entrecote de Paris – Hong Kong Restaurant Review

L'Entrecote de Paris Hong kong

After La Vache (first to arrive), Relais de l’Entrecôte (yet to open) and long time standing W’s Entrecote, there is a fourth player in the now almost over-represented niche of single menu item French Steak Houses in Hong Kong. Just opened this month, L’Entrecote de Paris tries to sack in a piece of the pie, or in this case, pre-cut Steaks. Here is our review.

Latest Trend – Bagel Catering in Hong Kong


While we have seen new Froyo stores on every street corner, street food flourishing, snack temptations in every mall, there has been one significant lag of New York styled Food – Bagels! But why?

Learn more about Cheap Places and Dishes to Eat in Singapore

singapore chicken rice

Once you have spend enough time in Singapore, it is a given that you are going to be looking for places where you can eat well, eat hearty, and it is cheap. I’ve witnesses transformations of the most sophisticated food gourmets into wild Hawker Center monsters. To be prepared, here are some of my best tips, which you might want to implement, if you are looking for something to fill up that wide empty space above your solar plexus in Singapore.

5 Ways of Dealing with Bad Restaurant Service in Singapore

How many times can you get an order wrong? How many times can you forget to bring that cup of iced water? Countless if your restaurant happens to be on the little red dot Singapore.
When it comes to service the country is still a black hole compared to some neighboring states, where every bit of “Service” gets sucked up by a unknown source spitting back out massive amounts of incompetent waiters and service personal. If you have eaten out in Singapore – You have experienced bad service.

The Cost of Living for a Bachelor in Singapore (and how to save some Dollars)

Are you a footloose and a fancy free swinging bachelor in Singapore? Well, that is all very fine, but there are times when you look askance at your wallet and wonder who swallowed up the loot in there. Hey, a pint of beer cost you 15 Singaporean dollars, and driving your own car in Singapore is rather exorbitant. So, here are some points, which you would want to follow, if you want to live comfortably in Singapore and still be able to save some money at the end of the day.

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5 Great new Restaurants at Resort World Sentosa

The Resorts World Sentosa offers a treat to food lovers. Although the place only opened a couple of weeks back, it is already buzzing with world class restaurants offering local and international delicacies. Since Resorts World is a prime location, renowned chefs have set up their base here. The restaurants are always busy with activity and are destined to do great business even in such turbulent economic times.

The 5 most Delicious Dessert Places in Singapore

Don’t read any further if you are not into desserts after a nice dinner. Personally, I believe everyone should save some space in the tummy for a great dessert after having dinner. This is the time when you can enjoy some really sumptuous delicacies. Also, desserts, according to me, represent food as an art pieces rather than just a meal. Dessert lovers are not disappointed in Singapore. Some of the best desserts, both local and international, are served at various famous restaurants.

Singapore’s 7 most exclusive Restaurants to have Chinese New Year Dinner

A dinner on New Years Eve can be made an elaborate affair. Right? If that’s what you think then Singapore has just the right restaurants for you. Expensive restaurants are increasing in numbers throughout Singapore because it is fast emerging as a major tourist hub.
These restaurants are those where you need to take along a fat wallet if you want to have a good meal.

The 5 Best Xmas Dinner Offers in Singapore (Low Price – To Extremely Expensive)

Almost all restaurants and hotels jump on the Christmas Wagon each year to provide customized menus and Christmas Eve dinners, you will find special offers almost everywhere and the big hotels like Grand Hyatt’s Mezzanine, Shangri-La Hotel, Marriot Singapore, Saint Pierre or Orchard Hotel are just a small portion of the big Dinner possibilities.

Where To Find Everything For A Traditional Christmas Dinner in Singapore

Jesus do I miss sitting at the old kitchen table, dimmed light while the snow flakes hover outside around the huge trees in the garden, fingers are sticky from the cookie dough and the chocolate is smelling incredible good while melting to be put on the sweets.

If you know how that feels, here are my tips for where to get everything for a traditional Christmas meal in Singapore!