Complete List of 3D Cinemas In Singapore

Its the big newcomer for the Cinema and movies in 2010.. 3D is back, and better then ever before. Throw away your old red-blue colored glasses and enjoy 3D movies in Singapore’s cinemas as if you are right in the action.

Enjoy your movies in one of the 3D Cinemas listed below!

How To Survive A Night At Singapore’s Cinemas

Singapore’s Cinemas Provide Something You Wont Find Anywhere Else…

Freezing Cool Temperatures!

But I know you know already, so let me continue to show you what else you have to take care of and what you definitely must know before attempting a nice evening at one of Singapore’s cinemas.

The 7 Best Cinemas In Singapore

Yesterday I Almost Puked While Watching A Movie In Singapore.

The reason was my confused brain after I had finally decided to give the new re-discovered 3D-Movies a try and watch “My Bloody Valentine” in fabulous, and very shaky, 3D pictures.

And while sitting there and seeing blood and ripped out hearts flying around me, enjoying myself and the sweet popcorn, I remembered how I first arrived in Singapore and short after had a terrible introduction to the cinema experience in Singapore.