Hey Singapore! 5 Things that really Pissed me Off in 2014

Singapore Angry

It’s been a year of ups downs, left, rights and mainly punches straight in the face of Singaporeans near and far. It’s been a year to forget. Luckily it went by in a fly while sipping my 25 dollar beer and eating my 10 dollar chicken rice. Here are my Top 5 things I want to see turned upside down in 2015 or I swear I am gonna write a positive expose about Xiaxue and why you should follow her and not me. Bleh..

SingPost + Graffiti = Ultimate Fail

I came back from Bali shortly after NYE just to read about some (unusual) act of vandalism involving Graffiti in Singapore. Repeat, “Vandalism involving Graffiti in Singapore”.. Rare! That usually only happens when someone decides to scribble a political statement on the Parliament house walls or if some poor soul didn’t pay up their bills on time.However, interesting for a minute but soon forgotten and replaced by all the other amusing news we get served here everyday.

This morning I was early for my train, another rare thing to happen, so I grabbed one of the free morning tabloid papers, source of more highly comical articles, and here it was again, the Graffiti-Vandalism-Act. But now with a twist of events.

The 10 Best (Uncensored) Political Blogs In Singapore

Find out whats really going on in the heads of many Singaporeans and get your daily news not from one of the (state controlled) media publications but from one of the many political liberal orientated blogs.

Below is a list of the in my opinion most important and frequent updated web publications. Please feel free to post suggestions in the comments if you think a blog / page is missing in belows list!

What You Should Know On Voting And Elections In Singapore

First I didn’t know that there are elections held in Singapore at all. After everything I had heard about the political system in Singapore before actually boarding my plane, I was pretty much convinced that Singapore was ruled by whomever decides to rule and was nothing more then a pseudo democracy. Again, this is not after having lived here but what represents the general image the Western world provides about Singapore’s political situation.

Singapore’s Most Important Political Parties

Political parties, no I am not talking about Zouk’s latest Theme party or that trendy rooftop orgy you weren’t allowed to enter last weekend. I am giving away information about the political (like…government) parties that are active in Singapore and everyone new to Singapore should know about, to survive the daily input of state controlled media flashes.

Singapore’s Political System – Explained For Strangers

Oha, Hot Topic!
How many times did I sit together with my friends to discuss Singapore’s political system, one-party democracy and weird way of appointing rather then voting new governmental positions… Let’s say, it isn’t an easy thing to talk about and our discussions are certainly not over yet.

But besides personal opinions and ideals, I want to give an easy and quick oversight about the general political system in Singapore, and how it is supposed to work. For everyone new to Singapore easy to understand.

Extreme Concerns About New E-Voting Machines In Singapore

A few days after the Singapore Democrats warned of the Government’s intention to procure electronic voting machines (EVMs), the Straits Times swung into action and contacted the Elections Department for comments.

Will Singapore Soon Be On The Black List?

You would be justifiably confused attempting to make sense of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) progress report on tax havens that emerged from the G20 summit. Has Singapore been “blacklisted” as The Daily Telegraph claims, or is the Straits Times right in saying we are on a “gray list”?

The 6 Most Weird Campaigns Seen In Singapore

“…In line with Mr Goh’s (former Singapore Prime Minister) call to build a gracious society, the Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) aims to encourage Singaporeans to make a positive commitment to gracious living through simple acts of kindness in their daily activities” – Singapore,2009

Singapore has a strange ability to launch very weird (educational) campaigns with a serious background on a more then humorous level.

The Dark Truth About Singapores Newspapers

“.. Singapore’s newspapers are, at least in part, willing partners, of the state ..”

Is this true? What should you be aware of when living in Singapore and not wanting to be influenced and controlled unknowingly by the states instruments, in this case seemingly the media.

I personally knew Singapore better for being the “cleanest” city of the world and the famous “Chewing Gum” ban then for being a Pseudo-Democratic country with government controlled institutions in all kind of public areas before moving to Singapore.

Gathering some information might not be the worst thing to do before switching on the local TV channels, opening the daily Newspapers or believing the loud talking voices claiming Singapore’s above dark side. After all I really like it here and I don’t want my overall impression to be disturbed my “some” people, emphasizing this bad image of Singapore.