Learn more about Cheap Places and Dishes to Eat in Singapore

singapore chicken rice

Once you have spend enough time in Singapore, it is a given that you are going to be looking for places where you can eat well, eat hearty, and it is cheap. I’ve witnesses transformations of the most sophisticated food gourmets into wild Hawker Center monsters. To be prepared, here are some of my best tips, which you might want to implement, if you are looking for something to fill up that wide empty space above your solar plexus in Singapore.

Where to get Smashed most for the least Money in Singapore (Cheap Drinks Here)

Are you ready for a gent’s day out after a Hard Days Night? Singapore is one place, where you do not have to bother much about not finding a place where you can drown your sorrows in drink, sobbing juicily into a beer. Whether you are in such an enviable state or not, you would want to look for places where you can get the cheapest drinks in Singapore… and that might be a difficult task!

Singapore’s 6 Most Mouth-Watering Desserts

Singapore is well known for its fantastic range of food so whoever is looking for the sweeter side of life wont be disappointed either. Although more and more European places for Ice Cream, Waffles, Crepes or imported chocolate are popping up, the local deserts have a class on their own and are definitely worth trying!

5 Most Smelly Foods In Singapore – Stay Away!

I am not joking when I tell you that I already threw up just by sitting next to someone that enjoyed his Durian fruit. Durian fruit is one of the items you will find in this list of most smelly foods in Singapore. And by chance South East Asia has the most smelly food of all in my opinion. Happy munching!

The 7 Best Singaporean Dishes You Really Must Try (With Pics)

You have never had Chili Crab before??Oh my god!
Four pairs of widely opened, surprised eyes stare at me this early hot evening somewhere about 3 years ago. After stumbling through the expat and foreign student contaminated scene around the typical clubs and bars, I finally made contact with my (till today) best local friends and the cultural exchange could finally begin.
And obviously I had to catch up quickly with the typical local food habits.

5 Things To Do On A One Night Stopover In Singapore

Whenever friends call me and leave the good news they would come and visit me soon (which in fact is only a result of their stop-over in Singapore) they usually ask me how long they should plan for Singapore.
My standard reply has been “Three days should be enough” so far, without ever really thinking about it. However, most of them usually decide for the “1-Day-Quickly-Leave-Again-I-am-not-even-allowed-to-chew-Bubble-Gum-here” option.

5 Good Things Of Living In An HDB

About one month ago I moved out of my fancy East side Studio Apartment with whirlpool and Infinity Pool on the Rooftop, right into the Singaporean heart, an HDB flat on the 16th floor in Downtown Singapore. I miss the pool, I miss the Ocean but I have to say, I like it here anyway!

The Top 5 Singapore Hawker Center (Without Newton Circus)

There Are Actually Hawker Center In Singapore Where You Get A Regular Dinner For Less Then 500 Dollar

And following the heated debate about the recent “Newton Circus Hawker Center Scandal“, I decided to give you a list of wonderful places to go for much cheaper and probably much better food as well. (A hawker center is similar to a food court, just outside, cheaper, busier and more original)

Singapore Newton Circus Hawker Suspended

THE verdict is in: Stall No 43 at Newton Hawker Center overcharged a band of American tourists who ate there last Saturday night.

Now, Tanglin Best BBQ Seafood will pay the price: It must shut down for three months from April 1, and the worker who served the Americans cannot work there for one year. (Continue Reading)