Hey Singapore! 5 Things that really Pissed me Off in 2014

Singapore Angry

It’s been a year of ups downs, left, rights and mainly punches straight in the face of Singaporeans near and far. It’s been a year to forget. Luckily it went by in a fly while sipping my 25 dollar beer and eating my 10 dollar chicken rice. Here are my Top 5 things I want to see turned upside down in 2015 or I swear I am gonna write a positive expose about Xiaxue and why you should follow her and not me. Bleh..

The complete Guide to Renting a Place in Singapore (and not getting Cheated)

So now that you have landed in Singapore (lucky you) and intend to stay here for an extended visit, it is given that you need a roof over your head as soon as possible. Extended hotel stays are only for the bloated plutocrats and you want some protection from fellow guests inspecting you like a goldfish in a bowl whenever they see you acting like as if you are back home. You need your privacy, and that is why, start searching for a good house or apartment to be taken on rent right away.

Does Singapore Not Like Handicapped People?

Handicapped people in Singapore, do they exist? Of course you might say, then I will ask you where are they? Do they avoid “the streets” because of the starring, do they avoid coming out because of the inaccessibility of most public buildings and streets?

5 Bad Things Of Living In An HDB

Its up to you, move to the “cheap” HDB and get real up close to the local way of living, or stay in your “Condo Bubble” and enjoy the expat life style. Last week I wrote about the “5 Best Things Of Staying In An HDB”. However, not everything is wonderful taking the step up from your secured private apartment to the HDB staircases.

5 Good Things Of Living In An HDB

About one month ago I moved out of my fancy East side Studio Apartment with whirlpool and Infinity Pool on the Rooftop, right into the Singaporean heart, an HDB flat on the 16th floor in Downtown Singapore. I miss the pool, I miss the Ocean but I have to say, I like it here anyway!

The 5 Best Places In Singapore To Have Sex In A Car

Singapore Car Sex

Its common in Singapore that you wont be able to live together under one roof until the wedding bells have ringed and you are bond for life, well, its also understandable that there are people who want to enjoy some fun before that, and by fun I mean, well… you know what. So its quite usual that you get a car in Singapore not to finally get stuck in the every day traffick jams but… yeah, exactly!

Singaporeans: Live Life And Pay And Shut Up

What do you do if you are in this situation: You are doing and living your rights, as they are written down in the lawbook of your country, you are not violating these laws nor are you doing anything harming your countries constitutions… Then there are the authorieties, they have the official right to imprison you in case… Read more »

Your Very Personal HDB Fireplace

You always were jealous of those cozy fireplaces, heating up your cold warm flat while it snows rains outside and you ly on your sofa reading a book watching Channel 5?

The Highest Condo In Singapore! Never Seen Before!

This is it!! Today my landlord told me he just purchaised two more units at the condo they build next to mine at the moment…but its already sold out, why? Because its only 25 units after all…What?

How To Swing In Your Singaporean Condo

The spruce wood used comes from sustainable cultivated European woods and it is made weather-resistant by dip impregnation and galvanized fittings for years of use. Available in cream, green or terracotta cushion, GLOBO also has a double seater.