55.000 Singaporean Soccer Fans and Me – A story of Delusions and some Underwater Chess

It is actually not a myth that around the same time when young and thirsty Sir Raffles stepped on the shores of Soon-To-Become Singapore in 1819, declaring tax haven for the sailors and pirates around the globe and being off for the first Tiger Beer the minute after, some smart soul in some small place, called Cambridge University in England, looked at the torn leather ball in the corner of his cold room, and on some dirty simple sheet of paper drafted together, what would become the rules and guidelines of soccer and how we play it till this very day.

Video: Singapore Like You’ve Never Seen Her Before

Where there is Raffles Place you see The Ocean, where there are Shopping Centers you see nothing but palm trees. The Travel Film Archive has a 11 minute documentary called “Singapore – Crossroads of the East” which gives us a tour of the British colony of Singapore in 1938

5 Books You Must Read Before Coming To Singapore

Because They Are Banned In Singapore! If you browse through ten books, written on Singapore’s history and how the nation transformed into the expat friendly, economically booming Disneyland it is today, nine will tell you the story through pink-foggy glasses, one will talk about the reality. Before you come to Singapore you get the chance… Read more »

The 7 Best Travel Guides About Singapore

The Best book for a lazy Sunday afternoon is a really bad travel guide about Singapore. I live here since two years and its actually very entertaining to see what people write about this little country. (No Time? Jump Directly To The Travel Guide List) “Travel Specialists” who probably never set a foot on the… Read more »

What You Must Know About Singapore’s History

I am not a person of much interest in history unfortunately, so if I write something (this post) about a nations past, you can be sure that I’m only giving you the cracking and interesting events. So watch out for the following facts and learn whats really important about Singapore.

Five Very Important Things I Learned This Chinese New Year

1. Before joining the gambling sessions, put some money aside for your cab ride home. First point. The four long days of main Chinese New Year celebrations are over in Singapore. Its a sunny Wednesday morning, the new lunar year has begun and my desk is still filled with as much work as last year…. Read more »

Do You Want To Know Why Singapore Canceled This Years CNY Fireworks?

No Fireworks in Singapore this year. Personally I wasn’t a big fan of the fireworks conducted in Singapore anyway. But thats probably just due to the relatively high level of expectations I gained, after having witnessed the gigantic NYE fireworks in front of Sydney’s opera house. After all, its of course a nice thing to… Read more »