The unbelievable Journey of my Google Nexus Phone to Singapore… and back

It started all of with my (by now famous) post How to buy a Google Nexus Phone in Singapore after which I couldn’t resist any longer and finally ordered my own Google Nexus One in a spontaneous move of upgrading my old brick of a mobile phone. If I had only known what would follow I … well .. I didnt. So the unbelievable story of failure on Google and DHL side began. Even though not funny for me at all, I am sure you will have a blast reading it. Enjoy!

The complete Apple iPad Guide for Singapore (Prices / Shipping / Specs)

Finally Apple announced their new iPad device, in Singapore people stayed up for the night just to catch the press conference. Now the questions start to pop up that everyone in Singapore wants to know. And I have the answers for all your iPad questions right here!

Top 7 Webpages For Singapore iPhone Users

Find the best sources of information, news, local iPhone apps and anything related to Singapore and Apples magic iPhone in the list of the 10 best webpages for Singapore iPhone Users below.

Enjoy reading and let me know if you have a good page to add to the list!

The Big Problems Of Watching An Opera In Singapore

Everybody has to learn it the hard way at least once, and today its your turn.

Continue reading to learn why it might be better not to watch an Opera performance in Singapore or at least what to prepare for in case you still decide to go.

Singapore’s Famous Scam Calls – How To Succeed!

My colleague right behind me just had one of these wonderful conversations with Singapores famous phone operators (famous for assuming you dont care whatsoever about your private details, giving them whatever they ask for). The Phone Call Of Horror So my colleague, same as me, and most likely all people coming from countries where personal… Read more »