The 10 Best (Uncensored) Political Blogs In Singapore

Find out whats really going on in the heads of many Singaporeans and get your daily news not from one of the (state controlled) media publications but from one of the many political liberal orientated blogs.

Below is a list of the in my opinion most important and frequent updated web publications. Please feel free to post suggestions in the comments if you think a blog / page is missing in belows list!

What You Should Know On Voting And Elections In Singapore

First I didn’t know that there are elections held in Singapore at all. After everything I had heard about the political system in Singapore before actually boarding my plane, I was pretty much convinced that Singapore was ruled by whomever decides to rule and was nothing more then a pseudo democracy. Again, this is not after having lived here but what represents the general image the Western world provides about Singapore’s political situation.

Singapore’s Most Important Political Parties

Political parties, no I am not talking about Zouk’s latest Theme party or that trendy rooftop orgy you weren’t allowed to enter last weekend. I am giving away information about the political (like…government) parties that are active in Singapore and everyone new to Singapore should know about, to survive the daily input of state controlled media flashes.

Singapore’s Political System – Explained For Strangers

Oha, Hot Topic!
How many times did I sit together with my friends to discuss Singapore’s political system, one-party democracy and weird way of appointing rather then voting new governmental positions… Let’s say, it isn’t an easy thing to talk about and our discussions are certainly not over yet.

But besides personal opinions and ideals, I want to give an easy and quick oversight about the general political system in Singapore, and how it is supposed to work. For everyone new to Singapore easy to understand.

Everything You Should Know About President Obama’s Visit To Singapore

Did anybody else notice that those security uncles checking random bags at MRT stations are getting more aggressive and ridiculous in their choice of “to be screened” items? I mean how am I supposed to hide a Bazooka in my small briefcase and what would I do with it at Kallang in the first place? Anyway, its all in preparation for the upcoming visit of Mr. President Obama to Singapore I assume. Safety first.

Singapore And Press Freedom – Fail!!

It was one of the only negative things or rather little bits of news I heard since staying in Singapore. Singapore came within the last 30 countries out of 170 in the World Press Index, implicating how well Press Freedom is treated in the respective countries.
Well, considering that this was the only negative news I received here, I guess the title is somehow deserved. That was last year.

Bryan Caplans Fresh View On Singapores Politics And Censorship

“Well, I think it’s not true that it’s a dictatorship. It’s a British parliamentary system and by the accounts of international observers the elections are not corrupt” A Fresh Point Of View Economist Blogger Bryan Caplan recently visisted our island Singapore to discuss one of Singapores more sensitive topics, namely “Public Opinions”, with several public… Read more »