5 Things You Will Definitely miss in Singapore

I am in Singapore since three years and I had few moments where I really missed home. I never longed for forbidden fruits like Chewing Gum or hoped to feel some cold snow flakes falling on my head. Hell, we even have a casino and Formula 1 race now.

Singapore’s Political System – Explained For Strangers

Oha, Hot Topic!
How many times did I sit together with my friends to discuss Singapore’s political system, one-party democracy and weird way of appointing rather then voting new governmental positions… Let’s say, it isn’t an easy thing to talk about and our discussions are certainly not over yet.

But besides personal opinions and ideals, I want to give an easy and quick oversight about the general political system in Singapore, and how it is supposed to work. For everyone new to Singapore easy to understand.

Singapore And Press Freedom – Fail!!

It was one of the only negative things or rather little bits of news I heard since staying in Singapore. Singapore came within the last 30 countries out of 170 in the World Press Index, implicating how well Press Freedom is treated in the respective countries.
Well, considering that this was the only negative news I received here, I guess the title is somehow deserved. That was last year.

What Nobody Knows About Singapore’s Press Freedom

Following Worlds Press Freedom Day 2008, SingaBloodyPore features a very interesting article about the Press Freedom in Singapore. Very well written by several political inspired writers it critically observes the local Press situation and  names interesting facts such as: – Singapore is ranked 141 out of 167 in the global “World Press Freedom Index” (142 is Afghanistan) – Singapore… Read more »