Why You Shouldn’t Punch A Cabby In Singapore

…or anywhere else of the world of course. But in Singapore you get not only fined a hefty sum, no, you also get jailed for three weeks. So think wisely before you get angry about your cab uncle again.

Mr Browns “The Mas Selamat No-Blame MixTape”

I decided not to comment the current internal affair farce thats going on. Yes i saw the documents, i heard the announcements and YES I LAUGHED MY ASS OFF!!!!! But…i decided that there were already too many good comments made.

New Robocop Will Help Singapore

Maybe Singapores Government should contact this bar owner from Atlanta who finally took justice in his own hands and created an armored fully remote controlled robot in his small battle against drugdealers and other wacky bunch of people keeping the guests away from his bar! He can control the unit completely with his two remote… Read more »

Mr Browns Mas Selamat Grievance

Today Mr Brown is having a very nice, sarcastic summing up of the latest developments and , well, gap fillings for the time being, while there are actually no news about where, why, how Mr. Mes Salamat escaped, now over one week ago. While Newspapers are riding on the “success” of this story, throwing uselus junk of… Read more »

Handcuff Watch – The Latest Mes Salamat Inspired Product

Genius Product designer Luis Berumen created this pair of Handcuff Watches for ZeroPointZero. I don’t know if he was reading Singapore news recently, but it would be a nice and fitting accessory for Mr. “I am sitting at the beach in Indonesia with my cool beer and laugh about Singapore”… [is it Trend Insights]

The Non-Independent Mas Selamat Commission

Mr. Wang Says so questions what i was actually already thinking but just having been to lazy to sit down and write about it. I saw the interviews with Wong Kan Seng who told the Parliament that there would be an “independent” investigation about how Mes Salamat could escape from the Detention Centre, the results… Read more »

Singapore Is Not Safe Any More!

Alright, so this is it. Singapore isn’t safe any more. Low crime does not mean no crime.

Get into your house, close your doors, windows, don’t turn on the air con and keep silent while the cold sweat is running down your forehead.

When the authorities knock on your door, don’t open, it might be an ambush. And never, never be tempted to go and get your chicken rice from outside, its a long way down.