The 4 Places With The Most Glittering Xmas Decoration In Singapore

If you don’t watch out, chances you get permanently blinded by some of Singapore’s Christmas Decorations along the streets and shopping malls, are pretty high. After having had the most expensive Christmas Tree some time back, this year its all about shiny glittering lights everywhere!

5 Things To Do On A One Night Stopover In Singapore

Whenever friends call me and leave the good news they would come and visit me soon (which in fact is only a result of their stop-over in Singapore) they usually ask me how long they should plan for Singapore.
My standard reply has been “Three days should be enough” so far, without ever really thinking about it. However, most of them usually decide for the “1-Day-Quickly-Leave-Again-I-am-not-even-allowed-to-chew-Bubble-Gum-here” option.

The Top 5 Singapore Hawker Center (Without Newton Circus)

There Are Actually Hawker Center In Singapore Where You Get A Regular Dinner For Less Then 500 Dollar

And following the heated debate about the recent “Newton Circus Hawker Center Scandal“, I decided to give you a list of wonderful places to go for much cheaper and probably much better food as well. (A hawker center is similar to a food court, just outside, cheaper, busier and more original)

Bring The New Raffles City Waterfall To Your Home

he polished stainless tell frame and textures copper face are highlighted by the upper halogen accent lighting as the small ridges in the copper surface produce deigns in the flowing water. The indoor waterfall comes fully treated with PathoBan AG254 Antimicrobial Cleaning System and Saniguard, the patented inorganic..