The 5 Best Online Dating Pages in Singapore

Singapore online Dating

Are you feeling lonely and wish someone should be there for you? With lots of genuine dating websites in Singapore, you are sure to find the special person you are looking for. The following websites are the best among millions of web pages and can put you in touch with Singapore singles. All these sites are particularly focused on Singapore and are trusted by millions of Singaporeans.

Escape Now – The Most Romantic Secluded Spots in Singapore

Ah! Love. The most noble of all human emotions. When you are in love the whole world seems to be a blur. It is seen that lover’s usually seek secluded places to meet so that they can indulge in a little peaceful ambiance.
Every city has some romantic hidden spots which are famous among couples. They provide a relief from the mad crowds to intervene in their life. Singapore too offers many such places or locations to pay homage to lovers.

The 6 Most Wonderful and Secluded Islands close to Singapore – Go Now!

Singapore is a lively city with lots of people and vibrancy. The crowded streets seem energetic and concrete jungle presents lots of opportunity. But sometimes you want to escape from it all. On special occasions like Valentine’s Day, you wish that you are alone with your loved one.
Secluded islands have been the dreams of couples since eternity.

For a lovely evening – The 7 Most Romantic Restaurants in Singapore

There is nothing like having a nice dinner with your valentine. Be it candle lit dinner of a rooftop venue, a meal can not only bring you closer but also trigger the romance all over again.
Eating out in Singapore takes a whole new meaning on Valentine’s Day. Couples throng the most happening spots in the city to celebrate this day. So, if you are also on the same boat, then let me present you with a list of Singapore’s Most Romantic Restaurants You Should visit on Valentine’s Day.

Surprise! 5 Great Ideas for a special Valentine Day in Singapore!

Singapore already being a unique spot on the face of earth, offers many great ideas to celebrate Valentines Day at a whole new different level with unique and special ideas. The city is a blend of various cultures, so it’s a bit natural for them to celebrate every festival in a unique way. Valentine’s Day is the celebration of love. Worldwide, people celebrate on the 14th February to pay homage to the most special human relation.

This Is It – My First Singaporean Wedding

Singapore Wedding

Getting up before noon on a lazy Saturday isn’t really my thing to do, so imagine how thrilled I was when receiving the following invitation:”Everybody, all brothers meeting at 6AM at my new HDB, be on time”.
This is it. I totally forgot, tomorrow is my first Singaporean wedding and I am part of the brothers. In fact I have to admit I was quite excited in foresight of the whole event. How did it turn out from an Non-Asian point of view?

3 Reasons Why Singapore Is The Most Unromantic City Ever

Singapore Divorce

I recently realized that its better not to pop the big question in Singapore. Romantic dates wont be a good thing to do in Singapore either. And if you are Single but actually you don’t want to be, ask the government, they have some romantic “scripts” and “plans” for you. This whole “romantic thing” isn’t really working out here yet.

The 6 Most Weird Campaigns Seen In Singapore

“…In line with Mr Goh’s (former Singapore Prime Minister) call to build a gracious society, the Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) aims to encourage Singaporeans to make a positive commitment to gracious living through simple acts of kindness in their daily activities” – Singapore,2009

Singapore has a strange ability to launch very weird (educational) campaigns with a serious background on a more then humorous level.