The 10 Top Job Portals to kick off your Career in Singapore

Chinese new year is over and here comes the job hunting season, and there is not any reason why we should not go browsing on the job portals in Singapore to see if there is a job opening for you, well-qualified, a diligent candle burner at both ends, with some experience in his career field.
This is for everyone who wants to move to Singapore, intending to sample the exuberant nightlife, shopping centres, exotic culture and roadside fare of Singapore.

Important Things To Know If You Want To Work In Singapore

So life is not a bowl of cherries, but you suddenly find yourself in the pits, because your life has turned out to be somewhat like the Beatles song,”it’s been a Hard Day’s night, I have been working like a dog…” That is the reason why many people are looking for new career options, when they do not have to work such long stifling monotonous hours at thankless and low paying jobs.
Now, if you happen to be one of them and are looking for important information about things to know if you want to work in Singapore, read on!

List of 10 Highest Paid Politicians in the World (including Singapore)

With the G20 leaders in the country we thought it was worth getting a snapshot of how much the highest paid presidents and prime ministers around the world earn. For comparison’s sake all earnings have been converted into dollars. It also shows basic annual salary only, not the expenses claimed on top.