Hey Singapore! 5 Things that really Pissed me Off in 2014

Singapore Angry

It’s been a year of ups downs, left, rights and mainly punches straight in the face of Singaporeans near and far. It’s been a year to forget. Luckily it went by in a fly while sipping my 25 dollar beer and eating my 10 dollar chicken rice. Here are my Top 5 things I want to see turned upside down in 2015 or I swear I am gonna write a positive expose about Xiaxue and why you should follow her and not me. Bleh..

A (hot) Wedding at Fort Canning Park

Fort Canning Hotel Wedding

Just two weeks ago I had a fantastic wedding lunch at the Fort Canning Hotel (which I didn’t even know existed until then). Besides the occasional sweat rolling down my forehead, it was a great day, for both the guests and the wedding couple. Here is my experience, some photos and review of what happened.

Singapore after the Race – 5 Things to get over F1

Singapore F1 Grandprix Grandstand

Every year the same, when I try to get up the Monday morning, following the intense Race weekend, everything in me tells me “No, lay down, you gotta rest”. It’s been not only three days, but usually at least a week of events, parties, VIP meetings and long nights, building up to Singapore’s most hyped event. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, it’s a great time.

Who is AngryAngMo – The Story behind this!

AngryAngMo Cliff Diving

My life seemed rather ordinary for the first 20 years. I once won a TV when I performed with my best friend as the Blues Brothers on TV. I build tree houses, fell out of tree houses, caught ticks running through golden fields in the mid autumn evening sun, and I swallowed a whole bottle of bathing soap once, when I was young, it was strawberry flavored.

Top 5 Weekend Trips from Hong Kong


When it’s July and August, the streets of Hong Kong get unbearable hot, the smog slowly fades around your building and there is no cold water from your tab, that is the time we long for ocean waves, cold salty water and a couple of days to relax. Here are our Top 5 Weekend Get-Aways from Hong Kong!

Too Expensive? Here’s how to watch the World Cup in Singapore for Free

Singapore Watching the Worldcup for Free

Would you believe it? In 2006, it cost you 10.50 S$ to watch the telecast World Cup matches in Singapore while sitting on your own sofa in your comfi home, this time, 2010, you have to shell out S$94.16. For a football loving creature like me, this definitely comes in the exorbitant and not to be borne category.

Soccer Fan? Here are 5 Places you must check out in Singapore!

Singapore Soccer Fans

If you happen to be in Singapore during this, world cup, the next football season or you are just as crazy about soccer as me and stuck here the whole year, naturally you want to know about the five best places and not to miss places, which you have to visit, and worship as a total devotee of soccer and football. Here you go!

The 7 Best Sport Bars in Singapore to watch the WorldCup Live!

Singapore Sports Bars

Being a soccer fan is quite something else. It does not mean that you have to spend thousands of dollars, flying all over the world, to cheer yourself raw as your favourite football star falls flat on his face. And well, my commiserations you did not manage to get a ticket for your favourite World Cup game. All you have to do is look for the best sports bar, in Singapore where you can watch the World Cup live starting this Friday, 12th June of 2010! KICK OFF!

5 Most Interesting “Off the Beaten Track” Places in China

singapore china mogao

You just planned your trip to China, now you need some good stuff to visit and see. That’s what I will give you. Of course, the Great Wall of China is going to be on your list, because after all if the astronauts can see it from the moon, you need to see it face to face. But lets take a look at some not so often visited places. Here you go.