What You Should Know On Voting And Elections In Singapore

First I didn’t know that there are elections held in Singapore at all. After everything I had heard about the political system in Singapore before actually boarding my plane, I was pretty much convinced that Singapore was ruled by whomever decides to rule and was nothing more then a pseudo democracy. Again, this is not after having lived here but what represents the general image the Western world provides about Singapore’s political situation.

Extreme Concerns About New E-Voting Machines In Singapore

A few days after the Singapore Democrats warned of the Government’s intention to procure electronic voting machines (EVMs), the Straits Times swung into action and contacted the Elections Department for comments.

Singapore Alternatives: A New Dawn For Malaysia

Singapore Alternatives writes about the Malay elections results. ..First it was Penang, then Kedak, Kelantan, Selangor and finally unofficial news about Perak falling into Malaysian opposition parties. It is not an exaggeration to say this is truly a Political Tsunami. However, what is more important is the AFTERMATH of such Tsunami