ZoukOut 2009 Gallery – See The Best Pictures / Videos

Some called this years ZoukOut the best evening they had in Singapore (in 3 years) some were major disappointed, where minds split what is left after all, are memories of a wild night, a record 27.000 people, DJs, sand, babes and drinks!

Whats New At ZoukOut 2009? (4+1 Updates!)

Every Year the Zoukout organizers will make sure they present some new features to attract as many people as the year before.
We have reached 25.000 wild party folks that come to Singapore in average, “just” to dance one long night on the beach and listen to some of the worlds best DJs.

5 Top Tips To Survive Zoukout Party In Singapore

Every December Singapore can proudly announce they have one of the biggest Beach Parties in the region, ZoukOut rolls over the little island with a sure regularity and literally thousands of party folks flock to the beaches of Sentosa Island to dance and party to the late morning hours of the following day!

ZoukOut 2008 – The Best Picture And Video Collections (flickr, youtube…)

What a good time we all had at Zoukout 2008 this year!! Great DJs, great crowd, lotsa fun, drinks and everything you need to party until the sun rises again… and thanks to Above and Beyond, we even had a nice “Sun-Rising” Soundtrack to this years biggest party!!

But now that its over, we want to take a short look back, recollecting the energy and good time of that night. Here are the best online resources and pages with this years pictures of Zoukout 2008!

The Best Insider Tips For Zoukout 2008 – Singapores Biggest Beach Party

Although there were plenty of options to either buy or win your ticket for Zoukout (13/12 – this Saturday) this year, there are still many undecided poeple out there who will probably make their decision last minute, many probably based on the weather forecast. However, if you are able to make your decision before tomorrow evening, you can still get some nice discounts.