Singapore after the Race – 5 Things to get over F1

Singapore F1 Grandprix Grandstand

Every year the same, when I try to get up the Monday morning, following the intense Race weekend, everything in me tells me “No, lay down, you gotta rest”. It’s been not only three days, but usually at least a week of events, parties, VIP meetings and long nights, building up to Singapore’s most hyped event. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, it’s a great time.

5 Important Tips for Finishing the Hong Kong Marathon


There will be a record turnout for the next Hong Kong Marathon on the 25th of January 2015, early registration has been introduced for “outstanding performers” of last years run for the first time, and the registration countdown is ticking on their official webpage. If you are planning to participate, here is our GwailoGuru Guide with 5 Tips for the perfect Run!

Top 5 Weekend Trips from Hong Kong


When it’s July and August, the streets of Hong Kong get unbearable hot, the smog slowly fades around your building and there is no cold water from your tab, that is the time we long for ocean waves, cold salty water and a couple of days to relax. Here are our Top 5 Weekend Get-Aways from Hong Kong!

5 Most Interesting “Off the Beaten Track” Places in China

singapore china mogao

You just planned your trip to China, now you need some good stuff to visit and see. That’s what I will give you. Of course, the Great Wall of China is going to be on your list, because after all if the astronauts can see it from the moon, you need to see it face to face. But lets take a look at some not so often visited places. Here you go.

Two Classics of Singapore’s Nightlife

singapore zouk

Singapore is bustling and crazy with new clubs and bars openiing every day, here are two of the most established places, that have survived and partied hard through the years! Give them a try, its worth it!

Prince of Persia – The Sands of Time

Prince of Persia

I will never forgot those easy days long ago and far away. When I didn’t have to worry about which suit to wear in the morning, which Meeting to go to first or which Bill to pay last. My hands were small and I could barely hold my GameBoy with 2 hands.

The 5 Best things to do on a lazy Sunday in Singapore

singapore lazy boardgame

Here come the lazy hazy crazy days of summer, and it is a given that you are going to be looking for the best options for whiling away a lazy Sunday afternoon. These options are only to be taken if you were not kept busy sipping Tiger Beer with the girl named Julie, of a Saturday evening, having the gidft of a nice Hangover this morning.