AngryAngMo Weekend Edition – Best Of (No 8)

Every Friday, I will present you with the weekly highlights from Summarized in the “Weekend Edition” I will post the most read, most controversial and most discussed posts of my daily rantings.

This Weeks Best Posts – Weekend Edition No 8

Have Fun Reading And Enjoy A Great Weekend In Singapore!


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Nawwar Syahirah - Producer - BlogTV

Hi Angry AngMo,

BlogTV on Channel NewsAsia would like to invite you to be one of our studio guests on our episode next week, we’re discussing the issue of socially integrating local Singaporeans and immigrants with a $10 million budget. I’m the producer and thoroughly enjoy your blog and your survival tips, I’m sure you have some cool ideas on how to bond/ make friends out of locals and immigrants!

Please contact me as soon as possible, I’m interested to know your views on the issue :)


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